It’s hard to believe that after 30 years the speculation of what a Coming to America sequel might look like can finally be put to rest. The long-awaited arrival of Amazon Prime Video’s original movie Coming 2 America is upon us and the excitement, especially in a pandemic, is, in a word, explosive. Of course, it’s been “Wakanda forever” since Black Panther graced theaters in 2018 (RIP Chadwick Boseman), but in all honesty Zamunda was and is our first African fantasy country crush. So, it’s also “Zumunda forever and ever, etc.”

Still, before we get to the sequel’s March 5th release, we have a lot of things to really look forward to! Here are just a few:

1) How did Akeem have a child with anyone other than Lisa?

“OK, OK,” or as Cardi B would say ‘Okurrr, Okurrr,’ the very first thing we absolutely need to find out is where Akeem got this son? Moreover, inquiring minds want to know: How did he meet Leslie Jones’ character, Mary Junson, in the first place? He was so dedicated to Lisa in Coming to America that it’s hard to fathom how he even had the time. In other words, how are we here? Not that I’m complaining, just excited to see how it all unfolds!

2) How is everybody in the barbershop still there?

Considering they were already nearing 100 in the original, it’s amazing to see that our favorite cast of barbershop patrons is still at it! Eddie Murphy is at his most genius when he’s playing multiple characters, so even when we know he’s cast as everybody, it’s still hard not to be in awe.

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall star in COMING 2 AMERICA Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall star in ‘Coming 2 America’ / Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Courtesy of Amazon Studios

3) Ruth E. Carter’s costume designs

We’re more than a little curious to see how Akeem styles out in Zamunda, especially with Ruth E. Carter — the first Black costume designer to win an Oscar and get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — handling all the looks. Like, what does Akeem wear when he’s just chilling? In his New York days, he could be a bit over the top with his outfits when he wasn’t toning it down to blend in, so in Zamunda I’m expecting him to really show out. Also, what is Lisa wearing? Their children? Semmi? Needless to say, I’m beyond excited to see how the incomparable Carter brings Zamunda’s high-court drip to life in 2021.

4) Zamunda!

Blame it on Prince Akeem and Semmi for making us reconsider the Continent in new and exciting ways. After hearing so much about Zamunda and getting spare glimpses of the lifestyle, it’s only natural to want to see it in all its glory. What do they have in store? From the trailers, we know Akeem’s son and his family, which includes Tracy Morgan, sprinkles more New York flavor into this Zamundan stew. What does Akeem and Lisa’s home (or homes) look like? Is Zamunda urban? How do they party? How do they relax? In other words, should we be booking post-Covid flights there or not?

Garcelle Beauvais stars in COMING 2 AMERICA Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Garcelle Beauvais stars in ‘Coming 2 America’<br />Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios

Courtesy of Amazon Studios

5) James Earl Jones and John Amos

What role does James Earl Jones’ reprisal of King Jaffe Joffer play in this long-awaited sequel? We know his Queen — the amazing Madge Sinclair — is among the angels, so is there another wife? A dreaded stepmother for Akeem maybe?  Is he just stepping down or do we need to prepare for more sobering circumstances? And it’s always good to see Lisa’s dad, Mr. Cleo McDowell (played by the one and only John Amos), in the mix. But is he in Zamunda simply to visit his daughter and his grandkids or does he have a few McDowell’s-in-Zamunda-themed adventures for us to look forward to?

6) Wesley Snipes

Who, pray tell, is this General Izzi? And if it’s Wesley Snipes playing him, does it even matter? Remember how great Eddie and Wesley were together in Dolemite Is My Name? That kind of chemistry is golden, and we get to see it again in Coming 2 America. Plus, it’s a do-over of sorts for Snipes. According to Coming to America lore, he was to play Lisa’s boyfriend Darryl but, as we know, Eriq LaSalle got the role. This time around, it’s Akeem against General Izzi. Thankfully, Wesley isn’t just all action and stoicism — he comes with his fair share of jokes and there is no better person to joke with than Eddie Murphy.

7) Prince/King Akeem and Semmi i.e. Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall

It doesn’t take a Steve Harvey-hosted Family Feud survey to know that Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, or Akeem and Semmi rather, are collectively the number one reason we are all the way here for Coming 2 America. Murphy may be a force when he’s all by himself, but he definitely brings even more laughter in the Coming to America-verse with Hall by his side. Just the two of them being back together again is all the incentive needed to ensure that we’re here for all the Coming 2 America shenanigans.

Check out the trailer for Coming 2 America below and don’t forget to download your free trial of Prime Video to watch the March 5th release here.


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