Sean O’Brien has been elected president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and his slate of reform-minded Teamsters United running mates will lead the 1.3 million-member union for the next five years. O’Brien succeeds James P. Hoffa, the son of infamous Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa, who chose not to seek reelection after running the union since 1998.

O’Brien, a sharp critic of Hoffa, has vowed to get tougher at the bargaining table, saying during the campaign that “If we’re negotiating discounted contracts and we’re negotiating lousy deals, why would any member, anyone, want to join the Teamsters union?”

And for the first time ever, a member of Hollywood’s Teamsters Local 399 will have a seat on the Teamsters’ General Executive Board. Lindsay Dougherty, Local 399’s recording secretary, business agent and organizer, and a member of O’Brien’s slate, has been elected as one of four Western Region vice presidents.

Teamsters Local 399 will soon be negotiating a new film and TV contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture Producers.

Here are all the newly elected IBT General Executive Board members:

General President: Sean O’Brien, President, Local 25, Boston, MA

General Secretary-Treasurer: Fred Zuckerman, President, Local 89, Louisville, KY

International Vice Presidents At-Large:
Juan Campos, Secretary-Treasurer, Local 705, Chicago, IL
Greg Floyd, President, Local Union 237, New York, NY
Tony Jones, President, Local 413, Columbus, OH
John Palmer, Local 657, San Antonio, TX
James Wright, President, Local 822, Norfolk, VA
Joan Corey, Business Agent, Local 25, Boston, MA
Chris Griswold, Secretary-Treasurer, Local 986, Los Angeles, CA

Western Region Vice Presidents:
Lindsay Dougherty, Recording Secretary, Local 399, Hollywood, CA
Mark Davison, President, Local 162, Portland, OR
Peter Finn, Secretary-Treasurer, Local 856, San Francisco, CA
Rick Hicks, Secretary-Treasurer, Local 174, Seattle, WA

Central Region Vice Presidents:
Danny Avelyn, Secretary-Treasurer, Local 554, Omaha, NE
Tom Erickson, President, Local 120, Minneapolis, MN
Avral Thompson, Vice President, Local Union 89, Louisville, KY

Eastern Region Vice Presidents:
Rocco Calo, Secretary-Treasurer, Local 1150, Stratford, CT
Bill Hamilton, President, Local Union 107, Philadelphia, PA
Matt Taibi, President, Local 251, Providence, RI

Southern Region Vice Presidents:
Thor Johnson, Vice President, Local 79, Tampa, FL
Brent Taylor, Secretary-Treasurer, Local 745, Dallas, TX

Canadian Region Vice Presidents:
François LaPorte, President, Teamsters Canada, Laval, QC
Stan Hennessy, President, Local Union 31, Delta, BC
Craig McInnes, President, Local Union 938, Mississauga, ON

International Trustees:
Willie Ford, President, Local 71, Charlotte, NC
Dan Kane, Jr., President, Local 202, New York, NY
Vinnie Perrone, President, Local 804, New York, NY


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