20 years old?


I’m not one for singing competition shows, but when you stumble upon something like this you have to take note of it…

During Season 20 auditions for American Idol, a baby-faced kid by the name of Luke Taylor gave the judges and audience way more than could be expected from someone still in college that quite honestly looks like he should still be in high school.

We all had that kid in class whose voice dropped before everyone else. It was almost scary at first, but certainly made me and my pip-squeak voice quite jealous.

Well, I can only imagine what Zach’s classmates were thinking when he walked in after hitting that puberty driven summer growth spurt.

After starting his audition with a voiceover for a pretend movie starring Luke Bryan, he launched into a piano backed version of the great Johnny Cash song “Ring of Fire,” followed by a Luke Bryan requested version of “Frosty The Snowman.”

And I have to say, I really enjoyed it.

Now, do I think the kid is the next coming of Keith Whitley? No, of course not. But come on, there is something there and with a bit of vocal development as he ages (remember, he’s just 20), there is some serious potential for a great performer here.

He punched his ticket to Hollywood where he was eliminated following the Genre Challenge.

And if not singing, there’s always voice acting, which I’m sure he could get quite a few gigs in just by introducing himself to the interviewer…

Good luck kid, we’re rooting for you.

Luke Taylor & His Insanely Deep Voice Cover “Fraulein”

20-year-old Luke Taylor wowed the world with his jaw dropping deep voice, as he sang Johnny Cash’s “Ring Of Fire” on American Idol.

Seriously, people can smoke multiple packs of cigs a day for their whole lives (not recommended), and still be unable to have a voice that deep.

Needless to say, the dude’s gotta incredibly rare talent.

Although he didn’t make it very far on American Idol, videos have began to surface of the Taylor covering songs, and even making another appearance on the singing show I Can See Your Voice and singing Toby Keith and Willie Nelson’s “Beer For My Horses.”

Speaking of his covers, his latest one is none other than the widely-covered, “Fraulein.”

Originally written by Lawton Williams, and first released in 1957 by Bobby Helms, “Fraulein” has been covered by everyone from Willie Nelson and Jerry Lee Lewis, to Townes van Zandt.

However, one of the most popular versions appeared on Colter Wall’s debut, self-titled album in 2017, where he teamed up with Tyler Childers for a cover of the old tune.

Singing in a stairwell with his buddy Ethan Reeves on the acoustic guitar, he delivers an impressive rendition of the song, bringing that deep vocal sound akin to Colter Wall. Meanwhile, Ethan’s higher register mirrors more closely to that of Tyler Childers.

Nice work fellas.

Here’s the version from Colter Wall and Tyler Childers…

For my money, it’s one of the most underrated songs on planet Earth.


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