Kane Brown

“Devil Don’t Even Bother”

Kane Brown just released his brand new album Different Man, and one of the record’s highlights is “Devil Don’t Even Bother.” The song deftly combines a bitter country breakup song with the age-old Little Red Riding Hood story. Here, a scorned ex compares his’ cruel Tennessee old flame to the malicious innocence-disguised wolf in the fairy tale.

“Yeah, she’s the big bad wolf / And your heart’s the straw hut / She’ll leave you fools in pieces When she huffs and when she puffs / Yeah, she’ll eat your heart for breakfast / While she’s walking out the door Just another off her checklist Drinkin’ poison that she pours,” Kane sings in the tongue-in-cheek chorus over fiddle lines, keys, and thumping drumbeats. This infectious number was penned by Brown, Josh Thompson, Jesse Frasure and Cary Barlowe. — Jeremy Chua


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