This is a classic twanger.

“Jambalaya (On The Bayou)” was written and released by Hank Williams in 1952.

The song was written from what the title hints at… jambalaya. One time in Louisiana, Williams was hearing locals talk about Creole-style cooking. From overhearing and partaking in these conversations, Williams was inspired to write the lyrics for the tune.

The song was initially recorded in Nashville at Castle Studio and was a massive hit.

It reached number one on the US Billboard Hot Country Singles and 20 on the US Billboard Most Played By Jukeboxes list.

So, yeah, it did alright for Williams.

And thanks to Hank Williams for writing this phenomenal classic country tune, we have fantastic covers to enjoy today. One of my all-time favorites is Conway Twitty’s.

In 1969 Twitty performed the fast-paced song on the Buck Owens Show.

For how quick the tune’s tempo is, the band and Twitty look cool as a cucumber keeping up while singing the lyrics. Twitty’s vocals are spot-on and honor the original tune perfectly. His buttery smooth vocals are magic to the listener’s ears.

As the band concludes the song Buck Owens takes to the microphone and says:

“I tell you that Conway Twitty is something, isn’t he!”

Y’all need to check it out yourselves… you can thank me later.


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