As one of the top female streamers on Twitch, Kaitlyn Siragusa has built a streaming empire on ASMR, cosplay, and adult entertainment content — and it doesn’t hurt that she’s very attractive. Known on Twitch as Amouranth, Siragusa told Rolling Stone’s Twitch channel in May that her experience with unwanted sexualization led her to monetize her looks. “Even before I started streaming and stuff, guys would sexualize girls just out and about in public, and you aren’t able to do anything about it, really,” she explained. “So I just felt like, you know what, if guys are gonna do this to you no matter what you do… you might as well just make the bag.” And her bag is a big one. In the six years Siragusa has been streaming, she’s amassed 6 million followers on Twitch and made at least $33 million on Onlyfans, all while being notoriously quiet about her private life. So Siragusa shocked longtime viewers on Saturday when she revealed that she was not only married but said she was the victim of emotional and financial abuse. Now, the streamer is saying she’s taking an indefinite break from the platform. How did we get here? 

Saturday, Oct. 15

On Saturday night, Siragusa started a stream. But halfway through, the content took a turn. Unlike normal, the creator stopped addressing her audience. Instead, Siragusa appeared to be upset and was holding her phone in front of her, eventually playing the audio out loud. A man, who she later said was her husband, screamed at her multiple times over the phone, berating her for “interrupting.” Through tears, Siragusa accused him of threatening to kill her dogs if she didn’t do a 24-hour stream. 

“All these threats, all these threats,” she said. “All the fucking accounts are two-factored under his number and he has all the log-in information to things. It keeps you there with the fear and the threats. You fear he’s going to do something to the animals — and then he’s nice again.”

In clips of the now-deleted stream, Siragusa told her audience that her husband — who could not be reached for comment by Rolling Stone — controls her finances and threatened to “burn” all of her money in court. She also said her husband didn’t want people to know they were married for fear it would ruin the streamer’s business model. “The therapist even told him it’s a form of psychological abuse and I’m basically living in a fancy prison,” Siragusa said on the stream. “You want me to tell them I’m single? It’s about to be true.” 

Following the stream, and its abrupt end, several in the Twitch community accused Siragusa of lying about her relationship status for money. Popular creator Keemstar deleted a tweet where he said Siragusa “scammed” fans by not revealing her marital status, later saying he was trying to make a point about creators being honest to their fan bases. 

But even more people expressed support for the streamer, posting messages encouraging victims of abuse to seek help. “I’m scared & disturbed by what’s happening to Amouranth. It seemed like she was winning at life & in total control,” Youtuber Ethan Klein tweeted. “But she was, the whole time, living under tremendous abuse. Makes me wonder how many others are living outwardly normal lives but suffering so badly at home.”

Monday, Oct. 17

In her first stream back, Siragusa (with dog safely in tow) updated viewers on just how different her situation had become. In an hour-long stream, Siragusa thanked everyone for their support and said many people had reached out following her emotional stream. 

“I didn’t think that many people would give a shit, to be honest. It’s kind of crazy,” the content creator said in the stream where she thanked people for their support. “Even people who don’t like me, even haters who are like, ‘damn, I fuckin’ hate Amouranth, but you know what, I hope she’s OK,’ That’s so nice. It’s crazy. It’s been a wild ride.” 

Siragusa said that she only went live with her husband’s calls because he was threatening to tweet things and she wanted to get ahead of any allegations. The streamer said her husband is in the process of getting help and she’s regained access to her social media and financial accounts. She added she was seeking “legal and emotional counsel” but was hopeful that without his presence, her content could focus less on her aesthetics and more on her hobbies. 

“And I don’t have to wear cleavage every day. I can wear clothes,” she said. “I can actually have friends again. I’ve been a ‘Truman Show’ for too long. I just hope people still watch, without so much titty showing.”

Tuesday, Oct. 18

The streamer didn’t waste any time making good on some of her promises. On Tuesday, Siragusa went live at the stable where she keeps her horses. 

During the stream, she meandered through a day of work, mucking stalls, brushing her horses and explaining to viewers the basics of husbandry while she explored the barn and grounds. In the comments, fans noted she seemed happier and said they were glad she was free and feeling more like herself. “She can now do what she wants on her terms, on her schedule, without pressure,” one comment read. The video has been viewed almost 3 million times. 

Wednesday, Oct. 19

Only one day after a successful return, Siragusa announced Wednesday that she would be taking an indefinite break from streaming. “Taking a break, not sure when I’ll be back,” she tweeted. 

Representatives for Siragusa declined to comment to Rolling Stone about how long the break would be, or the specific reason for the departure. But Siragusa has been vocal about former colleagues and friends who she says have tried to take advantage of her situation. During Monday’s stream, Siragusa said a former cameraman was “out of line” for speaking about her on social media. “Some people, though, seem to be using the situation for personal gain and clout,” she said. (The cameraman did not immediately respond to Rolling Stone’s request for comment.)” 

But along with the announcement of her break came a signature Amouranth cleavage selfie, leaving fans hopeful that the Twitch personality would be back when she was ready. In the flurry of comments underneath the post, a common sentiment emerged: take your time


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