The experimental dating show returns to Netflix on March 24

Love is Blind will return to Netflix on March 24 for Season four — but the trailer suggests that none of the new contestants have learned anything from the ones who came before them. Of course, there is plenty of drama to go around, including a hint at family drama that goes so deep that one contestant compares the conflict to Romeo and Juliet, which should prompt anyone involved to run for the hills.

The new season of Love is Blind heads over to Seattle for a rainier version of what we’ve seen in Dallas during season three and Chicago during season two. The experimental dating show really wants to believe that love knows no bounds, removing race, age, and physical appearance from the dating equation – that is until the contestants actually have to meet in person and get engaged, proving that they’ll have to work a little bit harder to get rid of their internal biases.

“You can picture this great future with somebody,” one of the male contestants says in the trailer. “And then this person is gone.” This season, cold feet are common. There are missed wedding dress fittings, and questions exchanged at the alter that they might not truly want to know the answer to.

“I don’t want to be in a marriage where your parents hate me,” another says in the preview — but to his fellow male contestants, not the woman he’s engaged to be married to. “You know, Romeo and Juliet didn’t work for a reason.”


Romeo and Juliet, to be fair, were also literal teenagers. Everyone on Love is Blind is grown, even if their understanding of commitment is slightly underdeveloped. “We live in a house together,” another man says. “This is full-out adulting.” Wait until they find out about laundry, dishes, and all of the family drama they’ll inherit as they merge two separate lives into one.


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