Make it back to back years that Lainey Wilson dominated the CMAs, and I’m not talking about winning awards, although she’s probably going to do more of that too.

Tonight, she showed up with two wins under her belt for the “Wait in the Truck” collaboration with Hardy (and more wins potentially on the way), Lainey has been top of mind throughout the entire broadcast of the 57th Annual Country Music Awards, being mentioned by multiple presenters, having for my money the best performance of the night with her song “Wildflowers and Wild Horses”, and being featured in a Wrangler Jeans ad.

Her solo performance was truly incredible; I’m not one to get wrapped up in stage visuals and all that, but the backdrop was truly awesome and set the mood for her vocals and stage presence to really shine. You can watch it below.

And right on cue, when her performance was over, the broadcast cut to a Wrangler jeans commercial featuring, you guessed it, Lainey Wilson and her incredible, uhhm, assets.

The combination of her performance and close up shots of the goods in some quality jeans was just too much for many fans, who took to X to express their thoughts, and oh boy did people have some thoughts…

Yeah, safe to say, she’s got the boys fired up and can you blame them? It’s not often you see someone with the complete package like she’s got.

In my eyes, she’s the undisputed queen of country music right now and it’s not even close. Fingers crossed she’ll get herself a couple more trophies before the end of the night.


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