7 Country Songs That Helped Get Me Through This God-Awful Year


Lets be honest, 2020 has has felt like a sucker punch from Mike Tyson ever since March.

This year has come with a ton of ups and downs, and for a lot of people, more downs than ups. I can relate to this as much as anybody, but one of the biggest things that’s helped me push through this year has been some good ol’ country music.

Here’s a list of 7 songs I’ve listened to in 2020 that have put things into perspective, remind me of the good times, and remind me that better days are ahead.

“Where I Find God”- Larry Fleet

Fleet released this song on April 10th, and it could not have come out at a better time. A month into quarantine for COVID-19, I heard this song and it really put things into perspective. In the song, Fleet lists all of the places he feels at peace with God, all the way from barstools and deer stands, to Sunday mornings at his church. In a time of uncertainty, this song helped give me a piece of mind.

“Doin’ Fine”- Lauren Alaina

I’ve been a fan of this song since it came out in 2017, but it never felt more relatable until this year. Alaina sings about how she realizes that nobody’s perfect, and even when things are going downhill, she’s still “doin’ fine” and knows that everything’s gonna be alright. Whenever I felt like things were looking dim, this song always picked me up.

“Grey”- Cody Jinks

Jinks released this song on his 2016 album, I’m Not The Devil. Discovering the positives in life whenever you’re down on your luck is easier said than done, but Jinks’ “Grey” came in handy for me in the middle of summer when I came to the realization that this coronavirus stuff wasn’t going away soon.

“Hell Of A Year” – Parker McCollum

Who would’ve thought that when the Limestone Kid released this song in 2017, it would never be more relatable than now? Even though it’s essentially a love song, every time I’ve heard it this year I can’t help but think, “man, it really has been an absolute hell of a year.”

“Live Until I Die” – Clay Walker

This year, it’s been nearly impossible to just take it day by day. I keep finding myself trying to get to the next day, hoping 2020 gets the hell outta here as fast as possible. This song helped me realize I needed to slow it down and take life day by day. You know, learn to enjoy it… we need that now more than ever.

“Automatic” – Miranda Lambert

SHEESH, talk about a song that makes you want to go back in time. Lambert released this song on her 2014 album, Platinum. In the song, Lambert sings about how she wishes things were still the way they were when she was growing up, and even though I tried my best to find some positives this year, this song makes me long to take a time machine back to simpler days.

“7 & 7” – Turnpike Troubadours

Man, a Turnpike Troubadours reunion might’ve been a saving grace for 2020. Unfortunately we didn’t get it, but we’ll always have their music to count on. “7 & 7” is a song about a guy who reflects on his first love, and it’s got the perfect combination of humor and relatability. I mean, is there a better way to sum up 2020 than “ain’t it strange?” Whenever this song comes on, I always forget about what’s going on in the world, and needless to say, it came through in the cluth this year.

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