The 3 WORST “Country” Singles Of 2020


What. A. Year.

It’s finally, almost, over.

And like always, we’re giving you some of our end-of-year posts. First, we gave you our Top 25 Albums of 2020, loaded with the best of the best in country music – it’s a no BS list. Even during such a tumultuous year, some incredible country music was released when we needed it most.

On the other hand, there was the bad.

This is the one we like to have a little fun with, so grab a drink and enjoy.

If you missed the last couple version of this post…

The Three Worst “Country” Singles of 2018


The Three Worst “Country” Songs of 2019

Not to be outdone, 2020 gave us plenty to spontaneously combust to.

Here are the 3 Worst “Country” Singles of 2020.

(listen at your own risk)

Kane Brown – “Cool Again”

Where do you start.

It was an interesting year for Kane Brown. He was in the news quite a bit, but often times it had nothing to do with his music directly. At times he was getting lost in the woods on his own property, while other times he was saying things like “people still on Johnny Cash and Merle can’t stand me” (and confusing what “Red Dirt” meant in the process).

We’ll give credit for his song “BFE” which sounds like a 90’s country song, but that wasn’t a single and “Cool Again” was.

Tidbit from the remix with Nelly – a makeup artist was hospitalized when a coconut fell on her head during the video shoot. Classic!

Remixes = hospitalizations.

Here’s the original which he sent to country radio, and earns a spot on the coveted list.

Dustin Lynch – “Momma’s House”

Dustin, Dustin, Dustin…

I think we speak for many fans out there when we say we miss the “Cowboys And Angels” Dustin Lynch. Unfortunately, those days are clearly long gone after nothing but drum loops and the chase for mainstream and commercial success has become the blueprint.

“Ridin’ Roads” would have easily made this list, but it was released in 2019 as a single.

Almost a year ago we wrote: “January 9th, barely a week into 2020, and the number one song on country radio right now is a song called ‘Ridin’ Roads.’ Did I wake up in 2014. Ladies and gentleman, we have a problem…(full story)

So, we had to go with the next best worst option – his single “Momma’s House”.

Florida Georgia Line – “I Love My Country” and “Long Live” (tie)

Well, this one was easy.

Aside from the music, these fellas also had a strange year. One of their wives tried to get her “fans” to attack our families on social media, but failed miserably.

There were rumors of a breakup which appeared to be the saving grace for such a dog shit year, but that didn’t happen. Carrie Underwood said hell NO to a collaboration with these guys, which made everyone breakout in a well-warranted golf clap.

They did remixes with Justin Bieber.

We were also given new music with all the same buzzwords from 6 years ago – “cutoffs” and “long legs” and “pickup trucks” and “dixie cups.” Holy shit, any new material?

It’s like a standup comic using the same standup routine from a decade ago and wondering why nobody is laughing.

Well, in this case we are laughing. The duo outdid themselves and lands two songs (two awful songs = one really bad top spot) on this year’s list.

HAW YEE – cheers to a new year. Get your tees, hoodies, caps and more at Whiskey Riff Shop.

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