Rascal Flatts’ Gary LeVox Perpetuates Nashville Bombing Conspiracy Theory


Oh, here we go…

If you had Rascal Flatts frontman Gary “The Voice” LeVox being a conspiracy theorist on your 2020 bingo card, then step right up and claim your prize.

Whenever something terrible happens, and even when something great happens (hello Moon Landing), there’s an inevitable group of people that somehow seem to have the REAL story. Yep, the smoke hasn’t even cleared yet (literally), and we already have a 6-page explanation involving some combination of the deep state, Satanic sex cults, FBI coverups, elite lizard people that live underground, missiles, drones, Russians, hackers, Russian hackers, impeding doom, etc, etc, etc…. it’s all widely entertaining, but also, wildly dangerous if untrue.

And with the ease and accessibility of the internet, it can spread like wildfire in matter of seconds. And I’m not saying everything the  government or the mainstream media says is true (FAR from it, VERY FAR from it), but I’m not in a hurry take some unemployed internet blogger in his mother’s basement at his word (and Photoshop skills) either.

Anyways, the prevailing conspiracy theory surrounding the Nashville RV bombing is that a missile hit the AT&T building (not the AT&T “Batman Building”) which was housing computer data regarding an election audit or some shit like that… I don’t know, close enough.

And while you’d expect to see that kind of conversation on Reddit or various Facebook pages, you never would’ve expected it to be perpetuated by the lead singer of Rascal Flatts… Gary LeVox.

Gary shared this image to his Instagram earlier today with the caption:

“NASHVILLE MISSLE ATTACK???? The RV is in left circle.  The circle on right is the IMPACT SITE! HMMMMM????  It will be interesting to see what cover up happens with this crap!  Let’s see what they come up with. What are your thoughts?”

Probably only a matter of time before it gets deleted…

When one commenter said they didn’t peg him for a conspiracy theorist, Gary replied:

“I’m not! Gotta ask questions though when things don’t add up. Thank you for your service!”

But prior to that, Gary thanked the officers for evacuating residents…


Look, I don’t blame a guy for asking questions, but I have to say, Gary might be the last guy I would’ve expected this from. I’m not quite sure what kind of character traits scream “Conspiracy Theorist,” but whatever they are, I wouldn’t have seen this coming in a million years. But then again, it’s 2020 and nothing makes sense anymore…

I wonder what Joe Don and Jay have to say about it…

And for all of you that want to put on your tin foil hat and turn into basement ballistics experts, but you can watch the video for yourself…

While is Gary is over here worrying about conspiracy theories, we’re going to do our part to help out. The Whiskey Riff Gold Star Tee is BACK.

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