If you know Whiskey Riff you know that Alan Jackson is one of our all-time favorites…

Seriously, though?

Now, to this video. 2020 was a mf’er for everyone in the music industry and beyond. People miss live music like never before, and as we wait for some normalcy to return to concerts and touring, the best alternative you sometimes have is YouTube.

I know, it sucks. But, you go down rabbit holes sometimes after that Colorado gummy hits, and you end up on videos of Alan Jackson because of course you do. I came across a video from 2017, with Alan performing at the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana.

In the clip, some drunk jackass launches what looks to be a full beer at the 6′ 4″ Georgia boy.

Jackson dodges it like the legend he is, and then you wonder, will he go off on this guy? No.

Instead of kicking that guy’s ass which he easily could given the dad strength you know he possesses, he does the most Alan Jackson thing imaginable.

The point. The head tilt. Game over. Too smooth. Too intimidating.

Beer is thrown at around the 40-second mark…


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