Music Review: Fred Schneider “This Planet’s A Mess”


Who can get a point across better than B52’s Fred Schneider? We all know our planet is facing annihilation sometime in the future with the passing of 2020, but Fred is offering a solution. One that Elon Musk and Space X would readily agree. Despite the disturbing video of ecology gone ballistic with every inch of heavens engulfed in flames and huge melting ice caps falling into the ocean, rain forests being chopped and  shredded, and raging tsunami’s covering New York, you’ve got to smile. Fred’s solution….leave the planet.

The little singing claymation wearing Fred’s head and dancing about while speaking the words of warning is begging for a hug. The video continues with the scenes of covid, political unrest, social injustice and every other evil left unvanquished and Fred is still packing.

The song and the video is a master piece. Fred is a genius with a twist, the video is politically charged while being comically released. The video ends with the little Fredmation climbing into his tiny spaceship and escaping into outer space just as the planet explodes in a ball of flames. It’s a wild ride into the present with no hope for the future….and he desperately has a point.

“This Planet’s A Mess” is one of the best public service announcements to arrive. You’re going to be intrigued, scared, entertained and made to think. It offers a barrage of multi- chromatic blasts dazzle with an orgasmic kaleidoscope of sophisticated anarchy. It proves that you can’t get in the way of what life wants and that not all obedience is holy.

5/5 Stars

Watch “This Planet’s A Mess” by Fred Schneider here:

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