Sci-Fi Short Film “Two Worlds” | DUST

Two Worlds is a story about two opposites coming together out of necessity and finding hope at the end of the world.

“Two Worlds” by Andy Lefton.

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More About Two Worlds:
Snibb, a stranded and lonely character, but not by choice. He has been marooned on a desolate planet where he struggles to utilize his weak and failing satellite link to attempt daily distress beacons for rescue. But with little power available, he is unable to get just enough solar power to send that one frequency “S.O.S”.

L.O.I.D., a two-bit cargo droid en route to his galactic destination is in a suspended state of consciousness, drifting through space in his cargo vessel the “Lucky Strike”. Through fate or just unfortunate circumstance, L.O.I.D’s ship collides with a piece of space debris and is woken by the chaos of his ship speeding through space uncontrollably towards Snibb’s lone planet.
With L.O.I.D’s ship crash landing on Snibb’s planet, these two characters are able to benefit from each other through their new friendship and attempt to find a solution off this isolated world.

Full Credits:
Director – Andy Lefton
All animation, FX, compositing, editing – Andy Lefton
Sound Design – Lister Rossel
Music – Thomas J Peters
Music – Jeff Butta

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Sci-Fi Short Film “Two Worlds” | DUST

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