Ross Cooper is putting his faith in the universe and trying to put his worries out of his mind in his new song “Freewheelin’ Feelin’.” It’s premiering exclusively on The Boot; press play below to listen.

“I haven’t got it all figured out yet, and I know I’m not alone in that. And that’s totally fine,” Cooper tells The Boot of the inspiration for “Freewheelin’ Feelin’.” “Different people have different routes to meaning, salvation, etc. Sometimes that can be scary, but it can be equally exciting.

“There’s plenty to worry about, but sometimes you shouldn’t sweat it as much if you can help it. This song is my reminder of that,” he adds. “Everything works out in its own way and time.”

Over a bright, upbeat melody with hints of that 1960s’ Laurel Canyon vibe in its bridge, Cooper sings, “I’ve been a lost cause, a cause for concern / But every time I’ve wandered off, I’ve found somethin’ to learn … So I’m findin’ my meaning and goin’ ’bout it my own way / Lettin’ that freewheelin’ feelin’ go ahead and take the reins.” The guitar lines come in part from a mid-century Gibson J-50 acoustic guitar he received from a late family friend.

“Oscar [Charles, my producer] inherently knows songs, and I knew I wanted the sound to match the songs above all else. A single-coil Telecaster and that J-50 really defined so much,” Cooper shares. “The Tele gave it some of that desert sound, maybe a little retro Romanticism, but it was that old acoustic guitar that set the stage … We loved the sound of that guitar so much that we let it lead the way.”

“Freewheelin’ Feelin'” is one of 11 songs on Cooper’s forthcoming new album, Chasing Old Highs. The project is due out on Feb. 26, while the song will be available widely on Friday (Jan. 15); it’s available to pre-save now.

A Lubbock, Texas, native, Cooper’s most recent new release is 2018’s I Rode the Wild Horses — which, indeed, he did. The singer and songwriter is a former professional bareback bronco rider who moved to Nashville in 2012 and began his artist career in 2014 with his album Give It Time. Fellow Texans Randy Rogers, Wade Bowen and William Clark Green have recorded Cooper’s songs, too.

“I’ve heard Lubbock described as an island surrounded by dirt. And you can’t argue that, but there’s something you can feel in the air. There’s such a rich heritage; it’s one of those things. It’s a hard land, and hard people,” Cooper says of his hometown. “You won’t find better folks anywhere. They’re tough, and have learned to outlast the weather.”

Listen to Ross Cooper’s “Freewheelin’ Feelin'”:

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