Idiot Fan Knowingly Went To Cody Johnson Concert With COVID-19 Last Weekend


This is why we can’t have nice things….

Most folks haven’t been to a live show in nearly a year, maybe more, and as soon as we start doing our best to roll out shows again, shit like this happens. Artists, venues, bands, crews, servers, merch people, lighting and sound, bartenders… they’ve been out of work for months and months, losing their livelihoods day by day, and now more than ever, folks need to be responsible about the way the handle themselves in public settings.

This is the exact OPPOSITE of responsible.

According to The Miami Herald, a women from Val Verde County, who KNEW she was positive for COVID-19, went to a Cody Johnson show at Cowboy’s Dancehall in San Antonio last weekend, possibly infecting many others in the crowd. Val Verde County Judge Lewis Owens did not name the woman, but said she was issued a citation.

“This is how it’s spreading. You go to a concert. There are Snapchat pictures, evidently, that y’all took with your mask on your wrist, and y’all are having a good time. You’re positive, lady. You should have never gone.”

Although they did receive a violation after the fact, Cowboy’s say they have gone above and beyond the social distancing requirements and safety precautions instituted by the state of Texas.

“Cowboys Dancehall has always gone above and beyond the protocols required by the governor of Texas and has put protections in place and will continue to do so. They care about the safety of their staff and of course the customers and the community as a whole. They will continue to follow the guidelines and protocols as ordered by the governor of Texas.”

Folks who were at the CoJo show also reported that the venue was doing temperature checks, required masks, walked through the venue to make sure fans were wearing them the best they could, and blocked off areas to keep people apart. However concert-goers, Howard Wilson and Andre Garcia, told KSAT that they probably could have done a little more just given the size of the venue:

“I know they were supposed to be operating at a much-reduced capacity, but even given how many people were there, I still feel like it still probably should have been reduced more.”

“They had areas blocked off in between the stages… I felt the area that we were in, we were safe enough to where we can maintain that distance from other people.”

The venue holds about 5,500 people so even at 50% you’re looking at a pretty solid crowd. However, police DID pay a visit to Cowboy’s last weekend, and since they were within capacity and properly observing the safety measures, police did NOT issue a citation at the time.

It’s a tough situation all the way around. On the one hand, we want all of the folks in the music industry to get back to work, and fans to go to live shows. I mean, what I wouldn’t give to a see a CoJo show right about now. He’s consistently been one of the best in the business. And as long as you’re operating within the safety guidelines instituted by the state, it should be fair game, right?

But on the other hand, a 5,500 person venue at 50% is still A LOT of people that you’re counting on to be responsible. As soon as the drinks start flowing and the lights come on, it’s really easy for everybody to want to crowd up at the front of the stage.

What’s the answer? I don’t really know, but I do know that it’s on all of us to work together to get these artists that we love back on stage. Driving 200 miles to a concert when you know you have COVID is the epitome of selfish. At best, you just prolong this insufferable pandemic. At worst, you kill somebody.

Cowboy’s has since postponed their next four shows. You see, it only takes one idiot to ruin it for all of us…

Although the girl will remain nameless, here’s Judge Owens’ explanation of what happened:

It is everyone’s responsibility to slow the spread! Let’s do this together.

Posted by Lewis Owens on Sunday, January 10, 2021

It remains to be seen what the future of concerts is going to look like this year, but in the meantime, let’s take a trip back to Cody’s electric performance of “Dear Rodeo,” live from the Houston Rodeo.

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