Review: Halloween Jack: “TRASH” Unparalleled  Tribute to New York Doll’s Sylvain Sylvain

Review: Halloween Jack: “TRASH” Unparalleled Tribute to New York Doll’s Sylvain Sylvain


“Not everyone is capable of madness and of those lucky enough to be capable, not many have the courage for it”….August Strindberg


Super glam group Halloween Jack just released the phenomenal cover “TRASH” as a celebrated tribute to New York Doll’s Sylvain Sylvain who grievously passed away on January 13, 2021.

Halloween Jack is an anomaly laced with the best musicians on the planet including drummer Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction), bassist Dan Shulman (Garbage), guitarists/vocals Gilby Clarke (Guns N’ Roses) and special guest guitarist for this video Steve Stevens (Billy Idol). Together via Perkins’ idea they embraced the void of sad demise of the fallen Doll and welcomed the darkness where the stars hang so Sylvain Sylvain could shine…. and the track and video shines. It cannot be challenged by men, angels or beasts.

The music and style of a The New York Doll’s Resisted every rule and challenged every regulation. They created an enforced visit to an imaginary realm where the impulses with in became deranged by their unique, frenzied sonic spender and courageous And dramatic fashions consisting of dresses, make-up, spandex, and outrageous hats. Sylvain Sylvain was the band’s driving force and architect knowing that without risk there is no possibility. The Dolls were and still remain one of the most influential factions in music history. Although they were not as commercially successful as they should have been their impact on the music industry will live forever.

“TRASH” by Halloween Jack makes even the plainest faces alive with promise. It’s clean, it’s fun and contains the essence of the Dolls as well as hints of REM (It’s The End of the World). The video steps through a door into the past where the ghosts lie in the shadows in the form of clips of Sylvain and the original heroes singing “TRASH.” As Perkins exclaimed “ We really had to put our balls on the table to do the Dolls.” Joy is not felt any less exquisitely because the moment flys by. Perkins, Clarke, Shulman and Stevens have resurrected the brilliance with their own and has touched us with the memory in a world where people are crying for the moon and where penicillin will no longer save the planet…

The video is immersed with color and texture giving a new voice to the silence. With this video they have unleashed the space in between the heartbeats…..

5/5 Stars

Watch Halloween Jack’s cover of “TRASH”, a tribute to the New York Dolls’ Sylvain Sylvain here:

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