“Envision you will be successful forever and live like you will go broke tomorrow. Congratulations, that’s when you become a paranoid optimist”….JT Foxx

“Work till you no longer need to introduce yourself”….JT Foxx

JT Foxx is a serial entrepreneur with business interests in over 54 countries. He is a Philanthropist, a private equity fund manager, an investor investing in companies and property and is internationally recognized and respected as the World’s #1 Wealth & Business Coach. Like a raging tsunami JT Foxx combines a barrage of universes giving voice to words unsaid and knowing that without risk there is no possibility. He doesn’t allow his dreams to get in the way of action.

As a media personality having his own self-syndicated radio show called, “The JT Foxx Show” which has now moved to his highly popular “Millionaire Flix” platform, he has interviewed celebrities including Al Pacino, Michael Douglas, Sylvester Stallone, Mark Wahlberg, Calvin Klein, Gene Simmons, Donna Karan, Vince Vaughn, Jewel, Steve Wozniak, Christie Brinkley, and Arnold Schwarzenegger just to name a few. He has appeared on major news media networks across the globe in addition to the features in Forbes and various magazine covers as well as multiple TV and radio shows globally. He has also penned the best-selling book “Millionaire Underdog: How to Start, Grow and Explode Any Business.”

The illegitimate child of Steve Jobs and Christian Grey, JT Foxx is a true inspiration, an orgasmic array of fireworks plunging into the night sky and shattering the darkness, while welcoming it at the same time as a canopy where the stars hang so that we can shine….

For those who aren’t yet familiar with JT Foxx, what exactly is it that you do?

First of all, I’m an entrepreneur. I do a lot of real estate deals. I own a lot of companies. I do a lot of online stuff, a lot of crypto stuff and I speak all over the world. I’m considered the World’s #1 Wealth and Business coach. So, I am really well diversified. I kind of compare it to Richard Bryson, only I don’t go into offices. I come up with ideas and then implement all of my crazy ideas. Because I suffer from ADD I get bored extremely easily. I just like to come up with the ideas, put the plan together, and move onto the next thing. I wonder sometimes what would happen if I just focused on one thing. What if I just focused on one or two things like Elon Musk and SpaceX or Tesla? I am very successful, but would I be more successful if I focused on one thing or would I just be too bored? I always have to be somewhere else and do something else. To me the challenge is starting a thing and being successful which is almost everything I do….so I wonder if that’s the right path.

That’s an interesting question…Your book, “Millionaire Underdog”, what inspired you to write that? By any chance were you bored enough to write a book?

No, no…What happened was everybody asked…”where’s your book?” When you sell your audio program for $5000 let’s say ….why would I write a book and make $30? The idea was people said I needed a book so I said “Fine I have my book” I decided to call it “ Millionaire Underdog”, I didn’t know if the name was taken….It turned out it wasn’t thankfully. I decided if you wanted to buy it, I would give you a bonus of one of my courses if you sign up for it. We literally sold thousands of copies before I wrote one word. Then one day my now CEO said, “We need to write the book, we sold thousands of copies.” So, then I wrote the book.

Most books have only have 3 to 5 ideas in it, but I really wanted to make sure that every paragraph had a special idea to it. People have read my book 3 or 4 times because it’s just so step-by-step and so detailed. Interesting point… if I created an audiobook or a program out of it, it would sell for $2000, but because I called it a book it only sells for $35. It’s interesting how you position things. If you position it as a course it’s a $2000 course, if it’s a book it’s $20. Perceived value is very interesting. So basically, it was how to start growth of any business like I have. I wrote it five years ago but last November I did an update on the opening paragraph and the idea was after five years what did I learn by applying these techniques? I went back to the book and I inserted stories of some of my clients that read the book and became successful. It was kind of like doing an edited version of the book based on not just my stories anymore but some stories of my clients who read the book. That was a fun project.

Do you believe that you have to be rich to be successful?

No. First you’re successful then you become rich. I started with no money, $974 which went down to -$34,000. I had a speech impediment. My whole life people said I would never make it. To me when I had no money I cared about the money. When I made my first million when I was 24 I went to everybody and said “ look I’m a millionaire.” Everyone that didn’t believe in me now hated me more and said I was lucky, everybody that was more successful than me said “so what.” I didn’t need to prove everyone right, I needed to prove myself first. I think that’s what made a very big difference to me in my life.

Once you get to a certain mile marker, I think it was $8 million, you stop caring about it. I think I was 27 years old. I didn’t care about money anymore, and I still don’t. Business to me is a game and money is how you keep score. To me, money is an indication of how well I do what I do. It’s not much different than an athlete. The better athlete you are the more money you make. The better coach you are the more money you make, the better at anything you are the more money you make. Yesterday I had a conversation with John Legere who is the former CEO of T-Mobile. He was making $28 million a year, and we talked about the things that made him great. Sometimes people attribute money as being bad, but I don’t think it’s necessarily bad. I think it’s a byproduct of what you want. Money does not motivate me. I don’t do things for money. I do things for significance and legacy at this point. If I die all of the money will go to charity, so I don’t really care about that.

Can you recall the moment they change the entire trajectory of your life?

There are five of them. Number one was when I made my first million, because every time I was going after the money it didn’t work. If you’re taking care of your clients, your clients will take care of your results and your success, so that was a changing moment. I think your hardest thing is your first hundred thousand and the second hardest is your first million.

The easiest thing is your second million. So to me that was a turning point because it brought me self-confidence. Everyone said I wouldn’t make it and then I did it. I think also going to South Africa, you’re from Canada and you live in America… and then all of a sudden one day you end up in South Africa. Who would’ve thought that I would be speaking to 5000 people in South Africa about my success. That place made me famous and I went all over the world because of that as well.

I also think meeting George Ross (the Celebrity Apprentice judge in New York). I saw him on TV. I went to New York about 10 years ago because I applied for the Apprentice and then season two, I decided not to go forward, and I regretted that decision. I showed up in New York and then ironically went to his office. He is still in my life 10 years later, but if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am today. Those are definitely some changing moments that made me the kind of person I am today.

If you could have me ask you any question on the planet what would you want me to ask?

I think I’ve been asked every question….The question is who is JT Foxx?

I think JT Foxx is 3 people. I’m on stage, powerful, entertaining, funny and then I’m this extremely powerful and somewhat intimidating personality, and then there is the personal side of me which is completely different. I think people assume that my own stage personality is a straightforward, no BS, Simon Cowell, Chef Gordon Ramsey… but in my private life I’m not really like that at all. I think it’s typecast. If you’re one-way you must be that way in your private life, and that’s a mistake. There is a switch that you need to turn on when you perform and that keeps your sanity.

What are you like in your personal life?

Very homebody, very private. I’ve been attacked so much publicly, haters, trolls stuff like that….It sucks because people are so tough behind a computer screen or a phone and whoever is trying to bring you down is below you. So, I think what I like about my private life is that I’m able to keep that private. I’m very public about all my businesses and my feelings and what I’m feeling. I think that before the pandemic I said no to a lot of things. Sometimes you’re in a different country every day. Now because of the pandemic I think I should’ve said yes more. I think that when this is over, I will say yes a lot more.

I’m a journalist and I interview celebrities because I’m a journalist. You also interview celebrities, why is that?

Well, there’s credibility. The fact that you’re working with these people gives you credibility. Also, you grow up loving a movie for example I grew up loving the movie “Scarface”, and there you are on stage with Al Pacino. I love Rocky and I’m on stage with Dolph Lundgren, I love Terminator and I’m on stage with Schwarzenegger. I love Julia Roberts and now I’m having a two-hour lunch with her. I love Mark Wahlberg… so to be able to be with all the people that you like….I live such a cool life. Another comparison that people make is that I’m like Harvey Specter…..then next thing you know I have Gabriel Macht on stage with me… .that’s cool….that’s living. That to me brings me a lot of joy because it’s like pushing the envelope. I mean I’m a big fan of Rocky and I did the ending scene with Dolph Lundgren recreated….I boxed in the ring. That to me is leading a cool life.

Do you have an idol?

Yes. John Brady, Mick Jagger and Michael Jordan.

Any closing words?

I’ve done business in 54 countries and I’d like to talk about the fact that when you travel the world, you realize that no one chooses the color of their skin, no one chooses where they are born, and in the end we’re all exactly the same. We all might have different cultures, different religions but ultimately, we all have the same dreams, aspirations and problems. So, I think that if people traveled the world a little bit more that they would have a different perspective of humanity. When you walk in Africa, in some of the bad areas in Africa and you see some people are extremely happy living in some of the worst conditions, it makes you feel lucky for who you are. One thing I realize is that whatever problem I have someone in the world has it worse than me, so I should never complain about my problems.

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