The powerful new show seeks to give voice to struggling, under-privileged, and at-risk Individuals, break down barriers, provide relatability, and transform lives!

[Oklahoma City, OK, July 2, 2021] — Plugstar Entertainment is pleased to announce that new television
series, 2 nd CHANCE SAVES LIVES, will join FOX Network’s primetime lineup this fall. Created and produced
by Paul and Tiffany Nutall, the married co-founders of 2nd Chance TV Shows and Production, the talk show’s
mission will be the same as its namesake organization: telling the stories of the under-privileged individuals
deserving representation with a mission to clear obstacles in their path toward health, success, and fulfillment.

Hosted by attorney/model/television personality Dawn Neufeld (FOOTBALL WIVES, THE BROADCAST) and
actress/producer Jackie Christie (BASKETBALL WIVES LA), the show will bring together individuals deserving
of a shot at improving their circumstances with those in a position to help them.

“2nd CHANCE SAVES LIVES is a testament to the kindness of humanity as we aim to give individuals, who
would otherwise solely rely on government assistance, a leg up,” offers Paul Nutall. “We are helping people
who have lost hope entirely and believe that they will never find the help they desperately need.”

Season 1 will consist of 12 episodes, each spotlighting the story of a deserving individual who has faced some
form of extreme adversity. Subjects like organ failure, stem cell transplants, child and foster care services,
disease prevention, prison reform, addiction, homelessness, legal trouble, disaster recovery, unemployment,
financial crises, and more will be addressed. By exposing and then assisting with the struggles and needs of a
roster of culturally diverse people, the show seeks to transform lives and provide hope to the viewer of
overcoming their own hardships.

Those whose relatable, personal journeys will be featured on 2 nd CHANCE SAVES LIVES include:

• Two-time world champion, professional boxer and Olympic medalist, Chris Byrd, who seeks to restart his
career after dealing with a life-threatening health concern.

• Larry Griggs, who faces the financial pressure of opening his own medical business in a low-income
• Entrepreneur Cici Mackey, who conquers an abusive and criminal past (as influenced by her parents) in
order to give her own daughter a better future.
• Suzanne Tolbert, who seeks to overcome the memories of her deadly drug addiction and the consequences
that it brought to her life.
• Stephanie Beck, who seeks to make sure that a terrible wrong done to her doesn’t happen to anyone else.
• Jeffrey Mendoza, who seeks to overcome his experience as a gang member and re-build his life in a way
that positively serves the community.
• Britney Grant, who seeks to start an inspirational business for youth after overcoming her own, life-changing
medical situation.
• Johenny Volquez, who seeks to conquer the outcome of a troubling childhood and end the cycle of
instability for her daughter and family.
• Anna Nyakana, who is working to overcome a life dictated by her childhood circumstances and status as a
refugee by writing books that uplift, inspire, and educate today’s youth.
• Kimberly Trapani, who wants to become self-reliant, despite her history of traumatic loss and instability.
• Alonzo Herran, who seeks to find his big break by contributing important films to the entertainment industry.
• Ca-Asia Allen, who is looking for a fresh start after experiencing a teen pregnancy, the tragic loss of the
baby’s father, and the financial difficulties that followed.

“Our mission with 2 nd CHANCE SAVES LIVES is to help others be victorious,” Tiffany Nutall explains. “The
greatest impact of this show is that we are able to help remove the obstacles in the way of their happiness.
Times are tough, and there are so many Americans out there, [just] looking to give their fellow man a helping
hand — we’re giving them the ability to do so.”

“Our other mission is our spin-off TV show called FORGOTTEN PRISONERS where we our goal is find and
help the innocent people who are behind bars right now serving time for crimes they did not commit. We aim to
capture their stories, cries, and pleas of inmates who have been doing hard time, but claim they did not do the
crime,” Paul Nutall explains.

Those seeking to support the show and its guests may contribute online. Those desiring to be the subject of a
future episode and receive help themselves are encouraged to reach out. Through the powerful combination of
compassion and connection, this ground-breaking series intends to make a real difference.

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