When they found each other over 18 years ago, Baba Richard and Sri Namaste Moore’s parallel lives were so apparent that “another amazing coincidence” became their mantra.

Both were child geniuses, ordained to religious ministries as teenagers, both were strange, passionate about esoterica, and driven to know the unknown. Now they are The Infinite Couple, extreme pioneers in marriage, business, love, and sex. In private they work with some of the most exciting couples in the world.

They prove that you can mix marriage and business having been together for 18 years with 8 adult children in their beautiful blended family. They’re leading a global revolution for highly successful couples who are driven to transcend the mundane and bring their greatest vision of life together.

While they enjoy the amazing coincidences of their parallel lives, Richard and Namaste are far more focused on celebrating their differences. Contrary to conventional wisdom they firmly believe that polarity is the key to a lasting relationship. “Neutrality is impotence, polarity is power,” they say.

Polarity is power

“One key polarity is that which exists between the Divine Masculine and Feminine, but not as opposing forces,” says Namaste. The couple feels that the “Battle of the Sexes” is a waste of those divine energies, a power that can be harnessed instead for wealth and wellbeing.

The Infinite Couple help people understand how the differences between the Masculine and Feminine can complement each other. Both in relationships and in business.

“There is no competition between the Masculine and the Feminine, only misunderstanding of each other’s roles and position,” Namaste says. She goes on to explain that one of the many things making their approach different is that they always work together. “I am the voice of the Feminine, Baba Richard is the voice of the Masculine. And so when we speak, there’s not just the Feminine perspective, there’s also a Masculine perspective. And to create anything, you do need both.”

They feel that the whole is more than the sum of its parts with respect to the Masculine and the Feminine, both bringing very different strengths to the table. “We need to celebrate those differences,” says Richard, “instead of trying to find ways to blunt them or to eliminate them, or to tamp them down. And so we really believe that the Masculine and the Feminine bring their best selves forward, when they recognize what each other brings to the table. And when they highlight their diversity, their differences and not try to rub each other out into sameness or homogeneity.”

Men are not to blame

The culture of blame against men is one of Namaste’s key criticisms of modern-day feminism.
“Feminism is violating the Feminine,” she says. Fundamentally women should feel fulfilled but the core belief within feminism – that men are the issue – simply creates more of the problem, adds Namaste. “If men were to blame, then women would be more fulfilled and happier, but they are not.”

Effectiveness is the measure of truth, she says, as countless studies have shown that women have come a long way, they are making more money, have more access, and are more independent. “But when you look at their fulfillment, their mental and emotional health, it’s getting worse, and from a much younger age.”

“We are multilingual,” explains Namaste, “and when it comes to business, one of the things that we see is that men and women speak different languages – they don’t understand each other. This is impacting people in business in really profound ways. Too many people think the solution is for men to stay quiet, and it’s not.”

Language is key

She says that one of the best parts of their work is helping men and women communicate not just in relationships, but also in their business interactions.

Both have highly successful corporate careers behind them, most recently Namaste in Human Resources and Richard in Diversity, amounting to 60 years of combined experience.

Namaste says that their business backgrounds really come to the fore when helping teams work together. Through experience, they’ve realized that creating greater barriers regarding what people can and can’t say isn’t the solution.

“The solution is understanding the language that is being spoken and what it means. Instead of projecting onto it, what you think it means,” she says,

The Infinite Couple offers a range of programs, including those focusing on both business and personal relationships. Should You Mix Marriage And Business? aims to open up a juicier life together that’s focused on your unique vision, purpose, and legacy.

The Couple Unification Prototypes Modality, aka The CUP Quest – which includes the proprietary system of 8 archetypal couples – reveals your archetype and why that might be holding back marriage bliss, business mastery, and limitless abundance. The 8 couple archetypes look at how different couples function in business together – your partnership is then compared with famous couples, like Marge and Homer Simpson, or Jackie and JFK.

Learn to communicate

Having established that men and women speak different languages, The Infinite Couple feels compelled to teach true communication.

“It’s not simply talking. The etymology of the word communicate means ‘to connect’,” says Richard. “The majority of communication is more than the words that are said, it is tone, body language, behaviors, and presence. When this is understood, it becomes easy to see why communication exercises – which we call ‘communication praxis’, are so vital. Praxis means practice and what you practice you get good at.”

Other offerings covering relationships, business, and consciousness include The Framework of Marriage Mastery, The DYAD: Marriage Mastery Matters, and Power Of Eleven Marriage.

Whatever your relationship goal, The Infinite Couple’s key advice is to make your relationship your key focus, and everything else will blossom from that.

“Too many people let their lives get in the way of happiness,” Richard explains. “Saying to themselves, ‘when I’m making enough money after I get my degree, when I get over the next horizon, then it’s going to happen for me.’ And what we teach them is to just flip that telescope all the way around, make love a singular focus, and make it the most important thing, and from this, all of the things you’re trying to do will be so much easier.”

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