One of the musical superiors of all time, Randy Edelman has recently unmasked his post pandemic, anthemic song “Comin’ Out the Other Side” via Tribeca Records, a SohoJohnny enterprise. The spirit of the song must be applauded, especially as the planet slowly recovers from a biological Armageddon. Much of the world’s agony can be erased through song…

“Comin’ Out the Other Side” evokes a multitude of emotions and thoughts. In a world that needs prayers more than ever, the song defies sorrow. It implores us to “fight back and break out”, to “grab your hat and put your best suit on”, and to continue to live your life as you once did before. It conjures up feelings of celebration, inspiration and the need to party. Every day brings a new dawn. Every morning begins fresh. We seek to be a brighter more polished version of ourselves. The stains of yesterday are gone. Our worst indulgence erased. We strive to be better and beyond reproach. We strive to be perfect and leave nothing to chance, and believe that everything is possible.

We can never tell when our fortunes will turn or when the story will change. When our lives become wounds that bleed, a space to be filled, an emptiness that echoes into silence and isolation, “Comin’ Out the Other Side” encourages the human race to become courageous and fight for the right to have fun…

Randy Edelman is recognized as the architect of music breathing life to the silver screen with his orchestrated scores for iconic movie features. Some included in a long list are “My Cousin Vinny”, “Last of the Mohicans”, “Kindergarten Cop”, “Gettysburg“, and many, many others. Edelman also wrote themes for NASA and the Olympics. The Bruce Springsteen-esque vocalist swayed from his usual compositions to create this anthemic future-pop song which is available to the wider world on all digital platforms.

5/5 Stars

You can see Randy perform the song live for “SohoJohnny Presents the 9/11 Music & Fashion Benefit Concert” on Saturday September 11, 2021, 5:00 pm at Rumi Event Space on West 28th Street in New York City. He will be performing on stage alongside Kim Sledge (Sister Sledge), Joey Belladonna (Anthrax), Fred Schneider (B-52’s), Leon (Leon & the People’s), Mickey Burns (Profiles), and many more. Tickets are available at or get tickets on Eventbrite here:

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