The Simonetta Lein Show Releases Game Changing Entrepreneurs Panel 11: “How Can You Build Basics Into Business?”

The Simonetta Lein Show Releases Game Changing Entrepreneurs Panel 11: “How Can You Build Basics Into Business?”

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The Simonetta Lein Show is hosted by celebrity TV host and top woman influencer Simonetta Lein. This Simonetta Lein Show, along with its premiere of Season Four, has continued its series of panel interview episodes, showcasing local and international entrepreneurs, business owners, and artists, looking to share their industry insights and experiences. For the 11th consecutive panel episode, The Simonetta Lein Show showcases the topic, “How Can You Build Basics into Business?”.

Here is a list of our incredibly talented and successful panelists for the show:

Jessica Stavale
IG: @theempatheticwarrior

Jessica Stavale has an educational background in science with bachelor degrees in Healthcare Administration and Dental Hygiene, currently completing her Masters in Clinical Psychology. Jessica is the survivor of two major car accidents that left her with lifelong disabilities. She is also a disabled-veteran from the United States Air Force, and has always had a passion to help others. Jessica has been fighting for her life back over the past 3 years, and her journey to find a way out of chronic pain made her fall in love with the science of health and fascia. Jessica has spent the last few years in deep study of the connective tissue system, known as fascia, and has created a life-changing device that is therapeutic but also offers so many cosmetic and health benefits in hopes of helping millions of people. Jessica is known for her big heart, strength, empathy, generosity, family values, drive and determination in life to overcome the many traumas she has faced.

Megan Clarke
IG: @megan.k.clarke_

Megan K. Clarke is a transformational company executive, speaker, and coach. She is the creator of Losers for Life, a program that teaches women how to achieve successful and sustainable fat loss. Through her program framework, individuals can stop the frustration of yo-yo dieting, create a healthier relationship with food, and develop a more positive body image. As a certified coach from the Institute for the Psychology of Eating with 7+ years studying underlying reasons for the high failure rate in long-term fat loss, her mission is to transform the fat-loss-failure story. For those who feel they have tried everything without success, Megan’s approach goes beyond exercise and eating, adding the necessary knowledge and practices needed to successfully address the blocks to achieving one’s health and fat loss goals. It is her belief that this journey ultimately inspires a happier, healthier, and more joy-filled life. With a BA in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Business, and an impressive career in the C-Suite, she has coached individuals and groups on topics such as behavioral transformation, leadership & confidence, self-esteem, and achieving work and life goals. Her flagship program launches in January of 2022.

Kate Wilson
IG: @resourcesreimagined
Kate Wilson is the Founder of Resources Reimagined, a consultancy focused on mindset and growth. She works with leaders and change-makers who want to reconnect with their organic selves, make more money, and leave a lasting impact. Kate’s approach borrows from her 22-year career working with under-resourced communities all across the world. As an expert in international development, Kate has worked to create opportunities where there weren’t any and to address a profound lack of resources for the most vulnerable groups in society, particularly women. Now, Kate is bringing those same mindset tools to business owners and innovators who struggle with their own version of lack. Her mission is to help them redefine and reimagine the resources at their fingertips and grow their business along the way.

Carmen Goldman
IG: @consciousness_in_motion

Carmen Fernandez Goldman is known for viewing life from a higher perspective. She was a trial lawyer in New York City and volunteered during the weekends in a Pro Bono legal clinic in Manhattan’s Washington Heights Community. She mentored college students who wanted to pursue law school and was a frequent keynote speaker at her undergraduate alma mater. When her first child was diagnosed with autism she delved into researching the fields of nutrition, behavioral health, medical journals and spirituality. She worked with and was trained by a brain scientist and The Autism Treatment Center of America. She recruited, trained and supervised volunteers in a home-based program for her son. She also worked as a peer counselor to other mothers and caregivers of special needs children and adults. As a peer counselor, she saw the lack of services and continuing education programs for adults on the autism spectrum, who still need one on one support in their daily lives. Via her nonprofit, Consciousness In Motion Academy, she has developed programs that enable communication and language using multiple disciplines for adults that have aged out of the school system.

Alexandra Osbourne
IG: @purplefeathertree

Alexandra Osbourne is the Founder of Purple Feather Tree, launched in March 2021, she is a serial entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for self-development and education. ‘You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.’ These are the words that the Purple Feather Tree team lives by, providing online courses that have been created to provide modern women with tips and ideas on how to harness the power of image without spending a fortune or changing themselves to fit societal expectations. The courses combine professional understanding with the kind of advice you might get from a friend, covering a range of topics including image, style and self-development. The mission is simple, to provide affordable and effective tools that every woman can use – regardless of her lifestyle or background – enabling her to feel confident, and present her best self for every occasion. Women who arm themselves with the tools a Purple Feather Tree course provides, learn how to use the power of first impressions and their overall image to their advantage, and can achieve their goals across any area of their lives.

Jill Stevens
IG: @iamthejoyfulwriter

Jill Stevens is the surrogate momma to 9 rescue goats and lives her childhood dream, writing from an island cottage, overlooking the tropical sea. As The JOYful Writer, Jill has always known that words are her super power, even as a dyslexic child who didn’t learn to read until age 9. She started to purple pen her own fiction in sixth grade and published in a leading men’s magazine, secretly, at age 17. Jill continued publishing under pseudonyms, hiding-in-plain sight, while becoming a sought after ghostwriter. As a consultant to creatives for the last two decades, Jill quietly runs a successful coaching business, while publishing multiple titles yearly, and loves teaching others to write, publish and make bank with their own words if they so desire. Jill is now stepping into her slice of sunlight (publicly) and modeling what’s possible for others. She knows that finding your voice matters and through her own work on being visible, she can truly empower other closeted-creatives. She is the author of the up-and-coming book Create Your Most Delicious Life: Life’s a Bitch—especially now. Make it a JOY. And loves to show others how they can live in JOY too.

Jennifer Longmore
IG: @jenniferlongmore

Jennifer Longmore, Forensic Investigator turned international Soul Purpose and Money Mindset Expert, is a sought after media personality, 10-time best-selling author, and creator of the #1 spiritual development training school in the world. For over 15 years she has been helping people remember who they really are through over 30, 000 life purpose sessions, including the who’s-who of actors, professional athletes, CEO’s of leading companies, and other influential luminaries. When she is not running her soulful empire, and playing adult monopoly with her various investments, you can find her exploring crystals and making essential oil blends with her son, enjoying out-of-the-box adventures with her husband, and breathing in fresh air with her fur baby on long hikes. To learn more about how to thrive on your purpose, visit

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