“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”….Arthur C Clarke

NFTs (non-fungible tokens), have become the newest platform for creative people, artists and entertainers to explore their love of their work. Every NFT is unique and authentic and can be anything from artwork, music, to virtual real estate. Technology plays a major role in their creation and one of the leading technologists in the field is Rod Thompson…..

As CTO of NFT DROP, a leader in the NFT metaverse, Rod Thompson is an entertainment industry veteran who has worked in post-production at a well- known post facility Encore Video In Hollywood. He’s also recognized in the music industry for running a studio in California housing major names such as Death Row. He has also worked on television shows including NYPD Blue, Murder One, X Files, and films including “Independence Day.” Rod has also worked with Fortune 500 companies and has extensive knowledge of the crypto space, specifically with emphasis on NFTs.

NFT DROP has already earned a golden star in the NFT galaxy with visionaries Gil Laureiro as CEO, Stacey Toy, COO, and Rod Thompson, CTO. In a conversation with Rod he was kind enough to illuminate the understanding of NFTs as well as what the NFT Drop company offers…..

What sparked your interest in NFTs?

Aside from the fact that an end user could own an item that can only be one of a kind on the blockchain, I also was very interested in some of the other uses for NFTs, such as real estate, where the smart contract would be used for the transfer of real estate or the even another great use case, for the purpose of domain name services on the blockchain where an end user unlike with traditional domain services and providers, like as example, GoDaddy where an end users registers a domain name for a certain period of time and then has to renew and NFT domain name owner not only doesn’t have to renew, but also can self-custody the domain on their own self custody resources. Completely decentralized is NFTs.

What inspired you to become connected with NFT Drop and Stacy and Gil?

What inspired me to engage Gil is his ability to use his experience in business development to cultivate an environment friendly to the advancements in technical innovation and what inspired me with Stacey is her recognized experience in the entertainment industry and her forward thinking.

As a tech person how would you describe what an NFT is?

An NFT is an item encrypted and stored on the blockchain and cannot at all be altered or edited in anyway.

In this context and NFT is considered a “one of a kind”. The most common NFTs are digital files, music/audio, video and images.

You have already gotten some cool clients for NFT Drop, please tell us?

Off the top of my head one of our clients is well known in the music industry and is a multi-platinum DJ, producer and artist Chris “The Glove” Taylor, known for his work with Dr. Dre, Ice-T, and Death Row Records to name a couple.

We also have a Guinness Book of Worlds Record’s holder, named Master Clifford Flenoy, a master of Kung Fu. Known for his devastating martial arts demonstrations that have aired on ABC’s Good Morning America, E News Daily, and Sally Jesse Raphael.

What do you see as a future for NFTs from a technical standpoint?

What I see for the future of NFT’s is a duplication of our traditional commerce that currently takes place either by brick and mortar or by WEB 2 over current internet infrastructure to become the norm in NFT environment or WEB 3, so if in the current environment an end user shops at Neiman Marcus that same user will be able to shop at a WEB 3 version of Neiman Marcus.

How can people buy an NFT?

An end user can purchase an NFT via their defi apps in their digital wallets or even via WEB 2 via their favorite web browser where they can access many of the popular NFT market places such as OpenSea, Rarible, Crypto.com and many more.

On a personal level what excites you most about an NFT?

What on a personal level excites me the most is knowing I am at ground zero of the NFT space and the evolution of its development. I know that I am a part of the new Internet.

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