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The discovery of a time machine sets up the possibility of an unforgettable adventure for George and Lori…ten minutes at a time.

“10 Minute Time Machine” by Charles Wahl

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More About “10 Minute Time Machine”:
George nervously waits for Lori to show up for their date, an engagement ring sitting heavily in his pocket. But when she arrives with news that she’s found a time machine that allows them to travel 10 minutes back in time, their imaginations run wild with how they can put it to use. When they realize the time machine is even more powerful than they thought, past and future versions of themselves appear with advice how to use it. What will they do in the face of adventure, fortune, love, and loss? Only time will tell.

“10 Minute Time Machine” Credits:
Written & Directed by Charles Wahl

Starring Lesley Smith & Kevin Kincaid

Produced by Charles Wahl Kevin Kincaid Gharrett Patrick Paon
Executive Producer Mike Masters
Cinematography Mat Barkley
Editor Raj Ramnauth
Art Director Aaron Mackenzie Fraser
Colourist Wade Odlum
Original score: SNDWRx
Sound Design/Mix Erien Eady-Ward

Also Starring:
Blindfolded man – Josh MacDonald
Squad Captain – David Rossetti
Rifleman 1 – Scott Bailey
Rifleman 2 – Adam Ross
Rifleman 3 – Dave Maybe
Rifleman 4 – Andrew Mortimer
Bar Patron – Babette Hayward

Production Manager Gharrett Patrick Paon
Sound Recordist Cory Sewell
1st AC Paul Begin Halley Davies
2nd AC Emma Ademski
Grip/Eclectic Martin Noel Matt Jeanotte
Hair & Makeup Kate Cameron
Production Assistant Brent MaCrae
Editing Facility: Married To Giants
Assistant Editor: Nick Yumul Matthieu Belanger
Offline Producers Denise Shearer Julie Axell Amanda Cuda
Audio Post Facility: Accomplice Content Supply Co.
VFX Accomplice Content Supply Co.
VFX Design Caliska Reigh
VFX Artist Ryota Suyama
VFX Executive Producer Bob Mills Kristen Allison Evan Kelly
Title design & Online: Wingman
Executive Producer: Samantha Simpson
Producer: Jenna Edwards
Design & Animation: Trevor Corrigan
Colour: Alter Ego
Colour Assistant: James Graham
Colour Executive Producer: Greg Edgar
Colour Producer: Jane Garrah
Produced by The Antidote

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