Everyone has been a fan girl or boy at least once in their lives…or has had an idol, a super-hero, an influencer, a celebrity in the entertainment, sports or music industry. The newest platform trending, which promises to gravitate for a long time to come is user friendly FANMIRE offering the wider world the opportunity to join an exclusive and intimate community with their favorite influencer.  The platform also allows for fans to communicate with other fans and enjoy, celebrate and comment on content.

According to the founder of the platform Jamel Anderson “Fanmire is a fan engagement platform that uses cutting-edge Technology to create a more genuine and engaging experience between fans and the celebrities, influences, brands they love. Our platform is about fostering meaningful relationships in our digital world and creating community among users.” “We believe in cultivating relationships and making true connections through our platform, a place where influencers can feel free to be real, open, and inclusive with their fan base.”

Jamel Anderson, a native Harlem New Yorker and visionary created FANMIRE to “Keep the party going” long after the spirts or concert experiences. Jamel an entrepreneur has worked in concert promotion in sports marketing with an array of professional athletes, entertainers and comedians.

What inspired you to create “FANMIRE?”

I’m a big time sports man, and I’m not that great at sports. The energy around playing anything like football, basketball, baseball, it’s the energy that comes out in the camaraderie that just naturally happens. That attraction to sports is really what I love. I think that understanding the fan side of it, I never had a chance to compete at a high-level. But I understand as a fan now, whether I love the Nicks, or the Giants or wrestling or the Yankees, there is something as a fan that makes you a part of that team. I always felt that was special. Then the curiosity of “What is life like in the dugout?” The average person would never see that. The average person would never be on a bench for a basketball game. Average fans don’t get to stand on the sidelines at a football game. So there’s something about that connection of being a part of the game. That always fascinated me. But if you’re not on the team there is a certain access you just don’t have. I think that idea of being a fan, and that imaginary gap can be closed, what would that look like? I think that’s what inspired me to build FANMIRE.


First of all I’m glad you said Yankees! Secondly if you as a fan could to talk to any sports legend on the planet who would it be?

Derek Jeter.


Now you’re talking. What are you hoping the platform will bring to the fan?

A genuine connection.

The official website for Fanmire may be found at https://www.fanmire.com

The Fanmire platform website may be found at https://app.fanmire.com/welcome

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