A Mystery Lemon Might Be TikTok’s Next Great Gossip Account


It’s been less than two weeks since HBO Max canceled its rumor-heavy, drama-filled reboot of Gossip Girl. But the minor hole the series has left behind is already being filled on TikTok, this time in the form of an anonymous lemon.

Meet @lemonladysecrets. A cross between DuexMoi and a very public diary, the TikTok account has been active since at least August 2022. But in the past two weeks, the mystery behind the anonymous account’s owner has captivated users of the social media app — and sent followers down a research hole to discover a lemon’s true identity, one tooth at a time.

As the name suggests, @lemonladysecrets is a lemon. Well, it’s a person using a lemon filter. Only their eyes and mouth are visible on the filter, and their voice is pitched high using the app’s voice effects. About half of @lemonladysecrets videos are anonymous submissions. But the other half of the videos, and the basis for the mystery, revolve around humorous stories about failed interactions, awkward dates, and all-around embarrassing moments supposedly from the lemon’s own life.

In a video published six days ago, the voice behind the lemon described going on a date with a famous and “very hot man” from a popular streaming TV show after following him on Instagram. Before the date, she and a friend had started an innocent google session that naturally went a bit too far. While @lemonladysecrets said they went into the date nervous and knowing a bit too much, the “very hot man” came back to their home only to see all of the google searches displayed on the projector screen.

“Something really important to note is that I have a projector okay, so it’s large and in charge and all up on my wall,” @lemonladysecrets says, regaling the story to their followers. “So I connect my laptop to my projector and go to type in a streaming service, and the first thing that comes back is his name plus net worth, his name plus ex, everything, everything. And it is big. So anyway, that was my 9/11. have not heard from him since. Don’t plan to.”

Since that video, and others talking about interactions with famous people, commenters and followers of the @lemonladysecrets page have been convinced that the TikTok account is a secret escape for a minor or major celebrity. The comment section is filled to the brim with guesses, most made by comparing official photos with the lemon’s teeth.

“I’m tellin yall she’s emma chamberlain, everything about it makes sense,” one reads.

“This is 100% Anna Kendrick!!” says another, a popular guess echoed by hundreds of commenters.

Other famous women people have theorized might be behind the yellow skin include Dove Cameron, Natasha Lyonne, Brittany Snow, Emma Roberts, and Kristin Chenoweth.

On TikTok, another account has taken it upon itself to help the search along. The account @veneercheck has made over 14 videos comparing the mouths of famous white women with a clear photo of the lemon’s mouth and ruling out guesses based on specific teeth — essentially, he’s doing the lord’s work. While the account has said they have no desire to out @lemonladysecrets, who has not confirmed any of the guesses, @veneercheck has cast doubt on most of the popular guesses.


Rolling Stone reached out to @lemonladysecrets to ask if they would reveal their celebrity identity and did not receive a response.

So, the person behind @lemonladysecrets could be a celebrity. Or a Los Angeles model who, like everyone, has Raya. Either way, we’re desperate to know more.

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