This Romantic Dude Invited His Hinge Date To A “Private Brothers Osborne/Luke Bryan Show,” Takes Her To The Tractor Supply National Sales Convention


Who says romance is dead?

In an era where “dating” means “swiping right on random strangers’ pictures and hoping they’re not a total weirdo,” it can be rough out there for young people just trying to meet their soulmate.

But one charmer from Hinge managed to land himself a date with a Nashville woman by offering to take her to a “private Brothers Osborne/Luke Bryan concert.”

I mean, it’s a better opener than “Netflix and chill?” And at least he didn’t pull a Dustin Lynch and try to take her down some dirt road in his pickup truck to look at the stars.

But when the pair got to the “private show?” Well that’s when the woman learned that this Romeo had brought her to the Tractor Supply national sales convention.

The farm supply store held their annual conference here in Nashville last month, and the event was punctuated by a show at Bridgestone Arena from…you guessed it, Brothers Osborne and Luke Bryan.

The woman, Kellyn Jo Robinson, posted a TikTok from the show, and I mean, sure, technically I guess it’s a private concert, in that it wasn’t open to the public. But when I think “private show” I don’t think of a concert that I’m going to be sharing with 10,000 other people in a massive arena.

The crowd seemed to be enjoying it though, as one excited attendee cheered, “Woo! Tractor Supply!” while TJ Osborne talked about how “badass” the evening was.

Robinson explained how she found herself in this situation in her video:

“POV you agree to go on a hinge date and you’re supposed to go to dinner, but then he calls and says he has tickets to a private brothers osborne/luke bryan show, so you agree to go even though he doesn’t have any details and it turns out it’s for tractor supply’s national conference. and now you’re here with a stranger you met on the internet.”

To be fair, hanging out with a bunch of people from Tractor Supply sounds better than some first dates I’ve had, even if it’s at a Luke Bryan concert.

We don’t really know how the date turned out, but in the comments somebody did ask Robinson if he was hot and she confirmed that he was.

So now the question on everybody’s minds: Is there going to be a second date?

I mean, how is he going to top this?

@kellynjo only in nashville, y’all #QuakerPregrain #nashvilletn #lukebryan #brothersosborne #tractorsupply ♬ original sound – kellyn jo robison

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