VIDEO: Drunk Girl Freaks Out, Gets Herself Kicked Out Of Morgan Wallen Concert Before The Show Even Starts


Seems like somebody started hittin’ the whiskey glasses a little too early…

Last Friday, Morgan Wallen put on a free show at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena to celebrate the release of his record-breaking albumOne Thing At a Time. Fans stood in line outside the arena for hours to get tickets, and the show was sold out only about 5 hours after being announced.

But after all that, one fan didn’t even get to see Morgan take the stage after losing her temper and getting kicked out of the show over an hour before it started.

In a video posted to TikTok, the woman can be seen with a Bud Light tall boy in hand, screaming and cursing while another girl tells her to just leave.

Unfortunately the belligerent woman didn’t seem to have the ability to just walk away, and eventually had to be escorted out of the pit by security.

She wasn’t done yet though…

After being removed from the floor, the woman can then be seen standing at the barricade surrounding the pit area, security surrounding her, as she continues to yell and scream about…whatever she was mad about.

Whiskey Riff spoke with one of the folks in the video, who told us that the woman had left her spot to get a drink and was trying to push her way back to the front of the crowd. But apparently she had already pissed some people off, and when they wouldn’t let her back to the front, she became belligerent and got herself kicked out.

And to add insult to injury? Apparently when police gave her friends the opportunity to leave with her, they told the cope that they were “there to see Morgan Wallen” and let their drunken friend get taken away on her own while they stayed to enjoy the show.

Sounds like they might have been sick of her shit too.

I guess the silver lining is that she didn’t have to pay anything for the tickets, so she didn’t lose any money when she had to miss the show. But man, imagine getting a prime floor spot to one of the biggest artists in country music and getting kicked out before the lights even go down…

Morgan may have been on to something when he said to leave them Broadway girls alone.

@chrisf1996 When you act like you’re above everyone else and then try to push and cut in front of people at a Morgan Wallen concert and get kicked out #Karen #morganwallen #kickedout #nashvilletn #bridgestonearena ♬ original sound – Chris Ford

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