Trump Raises $4 Million In Indictment Cash Grab


Former President Donald Trump has reportedly raised over $4 million dollars in the 24 hours after his indictment. On Thursday night, a Manhattan grand jury voted to bring criminal charges against Trump for his role in a 2016 hush money payment —  the first such charges against a former president in American history. 

“PRESIDENT TRUMP RAISES OVER $4 MILLION IN 24 HOURS AFTER INDICTMENT IN ALVIN BRAGG WITCH HUNT,” read a campaign email, which touted that a quarter of donations had come from first-time contributors.

Trump is expected to appear at Manhattan’s courthouse on Tuesday for his arraignment, where he will likely be fingerprinted and photographed. 

A Friday report from CNBC News found that the morning after news of the indictment broke, the Trump campaign launched a series of ads on Facebook that sought to convert Republican outrage over the charges into cash. 

“The Radical Left — the enemy of the hard-working men and women of this country — have INDICTED me in a disgusting witch hunt,” read one ad. The post promised donors who gave more than $49 within a certain time frame their “very own ‘I Stand with President Trump’ T-shirt for FREE.”

CNBC identified at least three different ads on the platform. 

Trump himself has responded with unrestrained rage to the charges against him. In a lengthy statement released by his campaign, the former president railed against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. Trump falsely accused the DA of being “hand-picked” by Jewish billionaire George Soros, and described the case against him as a witch hunt that amounted to election interference. 

On Truth Social, Trump has been ranting in all caps for the better part of the last 24 hours, attacking everyone from Bragg, to Democrats, to the judge selected to oversee his case. 


As previously reported by Rolling Stone, Trump is already gaming out ways to exact revenge on those he perceives as responsible for the indictment, including drawing up plans to legally punish Bragg and having his advisor push for criminal referrals against President Joe Biden. 

Despite facing a criminal case, the former president is still in the midst of a campaign to retake the White House. If there’s anything we know about Trump, it’s that cash grabs are a staple of his career, and he would never pass up the opportunity to lighten his supporter’s wallets. 

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