This past Friday, Parker McCollum released his highly anticipated fourth album, Never Enough, his second major label album with MCA Nashville.

As McCollum enters a new chapter in his life, it’s easy to see that this project is full of deep self reflection, as he traces back to moments and relationships that have shaped him into the person he is today.

He called the album his favorite that he has ever made:

“This album, ‘Never Enough,’ is probably my favorite record I’ve ever put out.

Some seriously personal songs on this record and I think some of my best songwriting. It’s very honest, very authentic, very genuine, and I hope that comes across in every song.”

With that being said, one of the songs on Never Enough that immediately stuck out to me was “Burn It Down.”

Written by Parker McCollum, Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna, Liz Rose, the song is all about finally cutting ties with a former significant other, and burning everything that reminds you of the good times.

The first two verses of the song immediately tells the story:

“Goodbye, strung out on the lawn
The line between us was drawn
All I can see is you’re gone and you left me here
With this house on this ground, burn it down

I’ll leave my memories inside
In that bed, we loved in all night
Every word, every fight
Every feelin’, stone cold, not a sound”

And then to the chorus transition:

“Burn it down ’til it’s ashes and smoke
Burn it down to the smolderin’ coals
Burn it down ’til I don’t want you no more
Baby, burn it down…”

And speaking of “Burn It Down,” the music video is officially out.

The video kicks off with McCollum wandering in the desert with a singed shit, and as the song transitions to the guitar solo, you see McCollum with the full band, with a bunch of pyrotechnics in the background.

Directed by Dustin Haney, the video was filmed in the desert of New Mexico:

“It was an absolute thrill to film this video out in the middle of the desert in New Mexico and spending all day long blowing stuff up and lighting my feet on fire.

Great having my band out there with me and Hillary Lindsay, who sang backup vocals on the song, be part of the music video. Super grateful for that experience and hope everybody digs it.”

Check it out:


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