Bryant Roses Puts Insanely Good Country Twist On Blink 182’s 1997 Single, “Dammit”


Not gonna lie, I’m always 50/50 whenever I see a country artist is covering a song that isn’t country at all.

Sometimes, it fits perfectly and it sounds like a work of art, and even better than the original.

For example, Garth Brooks’ cover of Billy Joel’s “Shameless,” and Chris Stapleton singing The Beatles’ “Don’t Let Me Down” (or Chris Stapleton singing anything really).

But other times… it can sound atrocious and it’s something my ears will never be able to unhear, no matter how hard I try not to.

But this countrified cover?

This is awesome.

And perhaps the craziest part? It’s a song from legendary punk rock band Blink-182, with a country twist from Bryant Roses.

Now I don’t know what it is about Blink-182 songs that tend to convert pretty well into country music. Maybe it’s the fact that when you actually slow the songs down and take a dive into the lyrics, they’re actually pretty deep… at times.

I mean, “Family Reunion” isn’t all that deep but that’s a song for another time…

But “Dammit” off of their 1997 Dude Ranch album? It could definitely make for a good country song

Now I’ll admit, I’m not too familiar with Bryant Roses’ music. However, the fact that he was perfectly able to slow this incredibly upbeat song about growing up, and turn into a slow paced country ballad as pretty impressive.

It truly gives you a chance to take a deeper look at the lyrics behind the original song.

Check it out:

And of course, Blink-182’s original version:

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