Cody Johnson is one country artist I wouldn’t want to mess with.

There are a lot of wannabe-tough guys in country music. But CoJo’s definitely not one of them.

The superstar out of Texas is a former rodeo bull rider, and he also used to work as a prison guard in the Texas state penitentiary system before deciding to focus on music full time.

So yeah, he’s probably a guy who isn’t afraid to back up tough talk with some action.

Well some fans at a recent concert almost got on the bad side of Cody when they started fighting in the pit right in front of the stage – and the cowboy had to lay down the law.

In video posted from his show at Eaglebank Arena in Fairfax, Virginia, you see Cody addressing the fans who were getting a little too rowdy for his taste:

“If you start a fight in this pit I will stop this show and have your a** thrown out.

All I did was say ‘Dance your partner, do-si-do’ and we got a fight going on down here.

If you wanna fight, take it somewhere else because y’all bump into one of these kids you’ll have me jumping off the stage at your a**.”

@mmmsure_ CoJo said fuck around and find out 😌 #cojo #cojonation #codyjohnson ♬ original sound – Mmm_sure

When some country singers say they’ll come down off the stage you just kinda roll your eyes. But when CoJo says it, you gotta think he means it.

And of course this isn’t the first time Cody has stopped his show to lay down the law on some a**hole fans. He’s never been afraid to restore order when things get a little too rowdy, like the time back in 2018 when he told a crowd to beat somebody’s a** in the parking lot for knocking a woman down.

Gotta love it.


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