Pecos & the Rooftops long-awaited debut studio album is HERE.

And as no surprise to anyone, it rocks.

The pretty hefty 16-song tracklist features a great variety of songs in terms of their unique sound and production, pulling from genres like rock, blues, jazz and country, it’s a great and, of course, elevated representation of the Texas-based band and what we’ve all come to love about their distinct style of music.

Ever since they put out their fantastic 2020 Red Eye EP as an independent band several years ago now, I have been a huge fan of these guys. They’ve been touring pretty much non-stop through Texas and beyond getting their name out there and building a solid fan base the right way.

Needless to say, I’ve been so excited to hear their first full-fledged project since signing with new label Warner Records, and they certainly did not disappoint.

They released quite a few singles in the lead-up to today, including “Bricks,” “5AM,” “Last Thing I Remember,” and of course, included their mega Platinum hit “This Damn Song,” as well.

An easy standout for me after just a couple listens is their surprise feature with friend and fellow Texan Kolby Cooper on a song called “Memories.”

It was written by the two of them and delivers a scathing message about how the narrator knows his ex will regret the way things went down, and will only have their memories left when it’s all over (and it’s pretty much over):

“You’re always sorry when you’re sober
But I’m over what this should be
You ain’t gotta miss me

Cause you’ll see me in your memories
When you’re trying to move on it’ll hit you like a cool breeze
And I’ll be in your favorite songs
Everywhere you go and everywhere you’re gonna be
Whenever you think you’re over me
You’ll see me in your memories”

I love seeing these Lone Star state guys working together because it’s obviously a natural fit, and the melody and production on this song is great and really fun to listen to.

Really, the record as a whole is exactly what I was hoping for and then some, and honestly, goes well beyond any kind of rooftop… the sky is the limit for Pecos and company (sorry, I had to), and I can’t wait to see where their career goes from here with such a solid debut.

Turn it up:


“Like the Movies”


Pecos & The Rooftops tracklist:

1. 5AM
2. Hurt No More
3. Last Thing I Remember
4. Bricks
5. She Says
6. Good Reason
7. Angel in the Dark
8. Happy
9. Like the Movies
10. This Damn Song
11. Worst Way
12. Nothing New
13. Infamous
14. Cabin Fever
15. 9 Lives
16. Memories


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