Muscadine Bloodline Reveals That They’ve Actually Recorded Two Songs With Lainey Wilson


HWY30 Music Festival has been a heck of a time this week in Idaho, and we have been fortunate to talk to some of the artists you all know and love.

Muscadine Bloodline sat down with us to talk about some of their collaborations, talking about their song “Pieces,” recorded with star  Lainey Wilson, released on their 2020 album Turn Back Time. 

Gary Stanton notes that he and Lainey met prior to his move to Nashville, and they were all in the same friend circle, leading to them writing together quite frequently.

She had just started to blow up, and that is when they got together to write “Pieces,” which only took an hour and a half to write. The song was put on pause to be picked up by a different major artist potentially, but after that fell through, the boys called Wilson, asking to take the song to the studio.

“We were like, maybe we should do this song, and then we asked Lainey, and she said she’d love to.

Best decision we ever got to make. Now she’s going to be the next Miranda Lambert, if not bigger.”

At the end of our chatting with the duo, they casually dropped that “Pieces” was actually the second song the group recorded with Wilson.

“A fun fact I’m not sure y’all know. We actually cut another song with Lainey Wilson years ago. Never came out and won’t ever come out.

But it is funny to say that “Pieces” is the second song we recorded with her. You won’t hear it, so don’t ask about it.”

Charlie Muncaster laughs as he wraps up sharing the fun fact.

Although that song will not see the light of day, we would not be opposed to Muscadine Bloodline hitting the studio again with Wilson for another collaboration.

The Alabama and Louisiana songwriters packed a punch with “Pieces,” I’m sure the next one would be just as amazing.

@whiskeyriff♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

Check out part of their killer set from this festival too.

@whiskeyriff Muscadine Bloodline – HWY30 Filer, Idaho #whiskeyriff #muscadinebloodline #countrymusic #fyp #hwy30musicfest ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

And of course, “Pieces” featuring Lainey Wilson:

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