Julian Garsdean is an award-winning strategic business growth and efficiency expert with a reputation for driving businesses to reach new heights and revenues exceeding hundreds of millions, making him one of the most sought-after advisors across multiple industries. With 15+ years’ experience owning, operating, and scaling businesses globally, Julian has a proven track record of implementing high-performing, scalable business models that align with a company’s core culture, values, and mission. His organizations have served major high-profile clientele and global brands like Netflix, Intel, Boeing, and NASA; he is currently the CEO of Invictus Motus and COO of Trusted Tech Team, a leading cloud solutions and support provider.

Julian has the unique gift of being able to combine science with practical application, like his utilization of psychological principles to inform decision making and help businesses succeed. Most importantly, Julian understands humanity and the human condition. As an alchemist, he does not turn lead into gold but rather changes the world through the spark of strategy, insight, and inspiration as he lights up the business world like fireworks against a night sky.

Among his many talents is Julian’s passion for unlocking peak human performance and the breakthroughs in exercise and diet science that he has helped pioneer. His findings in that space include a “Delayed Onset Aging Protocol” that stems from optimizing biological processes through scientific data, to drive human health, performance, and longevity. His approach to human peak performance aligns with his business strategies—as he believes that the key to success is cultivating a high-performing body and mind.

As a strategic growth and efficiency expert, is there one specific type of business model that you’ve seen work well across all types of companies? For example, if someone was starting a record label and they came to you for help, would they benefit from the same advice as somebody who was starting a business like Trusted Tech Team?

This is a fantastic question and an intriguing one at that, because it offers multiple perspectives to consider. Operational models are inherently tailored to each business since not all businesses are the exact same. For example, selling products, professional services, or paid support all require different operational blueprints that align with the company’s offerings, goals, and vision. With that said, you can certainly see why a “one-size-fits-all” model would have its shortcomings. However, underneath it all, there are foundational business principles and approaches that serve as valuable building blocks for any organization or business endeavor when drafting models.

Let’s take the example of Trusted Tech Team and a record label. These businesses may have different operational models and cater to distinct demographics in different industries. However, if we take a deeper dive and really examine the essence of business, we uncover a simple yet profound commonality between Trusted Tech Team and a record label. This common factor should be taken into consideration when designing each respective model. Despite there being an infinite variation of products and services in the marketplace, humans are always the common denominator and driving force behind every business. There is no escaping the fact that business is intricately intertwined with the human condition, and most particularly, the needs, desires, and challenges experienced by people. It is essentially a boundless platform where we (as people) exchange goods and services, and where we connect and cater to one another. With this considered, business becomes an extension of our very essence, putting humans at the center of it all. Hence, both businesses in our example can benefit from what we call a human-centric approach. This approach involves creating ideas or concepts that add value to people’s lives, by creating opportunities and providing solutions. Unfortunately, the significance of this human-centric contribution in business is often unprioritized and undervalued.

Utilizing this approach, and when launching any successful business, it’s crucial to understand your mission, the problems your business aims to solve and/or the opportunities that you’re striving to create. To execute effectively, you need to have a deep understanding of the demographic you’re serving. Although the ideal client profile (ICP) may differ for each business, the goal remains the same: creating opportunities, solving problems, and impacting people. So, it’s truly important to fall in love with your audience, and to know them even better than they know themselves, so to speak. Your ability to identify their pain points, bridge market gaps, and address unmet needs become key components of your strategic positioning. The most successful businesses, both at their inception and as they continue to flourish, are fundamentally built on these principles. As you see in this example, and with many other cases, while specific operational models may vary between businesses, we can employ a shared approach to the principles and framework used to architect each model.

What are some of the secrets for earning great success with startups?

Unlocking the secrets to achieving remarkable success with startups often requires more than just luck or blind ambition. It demands a strategic mindset, a deep understanding of the business landscape, and a profound connection to your core purpose. As a seasoned strategic growth specialist, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of these principles in propelling startups towards greatness.

Proper preparation is one of the pivotal secrets. While it’s important not to let perfection impede progress, starting your journey well-equipped maximizes your chances of success. Many entrepreneurs dive headfirst into their ventures without fully comprehending the underlying intricacies. However, gathering intelligence, analyzing findings, and making informed decisions really provide a competitive edge.

In the pursuit of success, it is essential to delve into the various elements of your business’s ecosystem. Whether it’s immersing yourself in comprehending your audience’s needs, analyzing the ever-changing dynamics of the industry, or gaining insightful perspectives into the economic landscape, each facet plays a crucial role. By embracing this holistic approach, you position yourself to leverage opportunities, overcome challenges, and drive sustainable growth.

As previously mentioned, this transformative approach is grounded in a steadfast commitment to human-centricity, embracing the understanding that psychological principles underpin nearly every aspect of business. It empowers you to adopt a value-driven mindset rooted in empathy, connection, and impact, resonating effectively with both your clients and your team, and often fostering very favorable outcomes!

Take Apple for example, they revolutionized the smartphone experience by understanding their target audience on a profound level. They recognized very early that consumers desired a device that seamlessly integrated a mobile phone, a musical device like the iPod, and internet communication capabilities. By identifying this unmet need, Apple set to bridge the gap between the limitations of existing devices and the desires of the market.

What set Apple apart was their commitment to integrating psychology into technology development. They meticulously crafted a product that not only met functional requirements but also resonated with users on an emotional and intuitive level. The result was the iPhone, which was designed to be aesthetically appealing, incredibly user-friendly, convenient, and a magnificent resource that fit in the palm of your hand. The iPhone became a testament to the success of their human-centric approach, made evident by their astounding $3 trillion market valuation in 2022. This remarkable feat showcases the power of prioritizing human needs, desires, and challenges in business. By taking a similar approach, any business, whether it’s Apple, a record label or Trusted Tech Team, can unlock opportunities and create significant impact.

While success can never be guaranteed, the secrets to startup triumph lie in strategic foresight, dedication to fundamentals, and delivering value. By embracing these principles, you can unleash the full potential of your startup and help pave the way for extraordinary accomplishments.

Speaking of psychology, how has your background in psychology helped inform what you do?

When it comes to the influence of psychology on my work, I consider it to be the ultimate driver behind my success. Drawing on my background in psychology has been instrumental in starting, optimizing, and selling businesses with exceptional results. At the heart of every business endeavor are people, and psychology grants us the insights needed to understand them on a deep and profound level. It allows us to create value-driven businesses that genuinely cater to their needs and wants.

Psychology plays a pivotal role in unraveling the desires of consumers. It guides us in answering imperative questions such as: What is the consumer yearning for? What drives their behavior and buying decisions? Where are they being underserved? Where do they perceive a deficit in the market? Where do they feel they could be better supported? By delving into the intricate workings of human psychology, we can gain profound insights that inform our strategies and enable us to add immense value, and meet consumers’ needs more effectively.

On a practical level, psychology equips us with the tools necessary to motivate our team, negotiate our dealings, and provide offerings that truly resonate with our clients. Psychology helps us overcome objections rooted in limiting beliefs and allows us to guide our clients and employees towards making decisions to optimize their lives and/or dealings. Building rapport, trust, and relatability all stem from the profound human connections we forge with the people we lead and serve. It’s through this authentic human connection that successful businesses are built.

Look at the behemoth that Amazon has become by deploying psychological principles and techniques in their business to drive sales and increase customer retention. Amazon leverages their data to understand consumer behavior, utilizing techniques such as social proof, personalized recommendations, and scarcity tactics to catapult revenue. They gain the buy-in, comfort, and attention of their customers by creating a shopping experience that is intuitive and unique to the user. These factors monumentally increase customer retention and repeat purchasing. The strategic application of psychological principles contributes to a seamless user experience, fostering strong customer relationships and allowing Amazon to dominate the e-commerce industry. It’s no wonder why Forbes forecasted Amazon to reach over half a trillion dollars in sales this year!

As you can see, by integrating psychology with the entrepreneurial journey, we unlock endless possibilities. It’s the power of these psychological insights that propels us to establish thriving businesses that flourish because they make a significant impact on the lives of those we serve.

I know how passionate you are about unlocking peak performance in humans and that you’ve made some breakthrough discoveries in the fields of diet and exercise. So, tell me about it, how I can lose 20 pounds in the next 20 days?

Certainly! I approach peak performance in humans, much like I do in business, and it has led me to groundbreaking discoveries at the intersection of fitness, and anti-aging. My ultimate goal is to empower people to be self-reliant and resilient, enabling them to achieve remarkable results faster, healthier, and more sustainably.

It all started with my belief in self-empowerment; the concept of teaching someone to fish rather than simply providing them with a meal. I wanted to equip individuals with the tools and knowledge to do more for themselves, even when faced with limited time and resources. This mindset sparked my imagination during a time when the idea of colonizing other planets, popularized by Elon Musk, was gaining traction. While contemplating the challenges of thriving in alien environments without biological adaptations, it became very clear that physical well-being should be a priority when discussing the colonization of other planets.

Inspired by the concern for human health, particularly under foreign conditions and in “zero gravity” environments, I embarked on a mission to address the risks associated with muscular atrophy, and cardiovascular deconditioning. While in space, astronauts often rely on exercise equipment using hydraulic resistance, pistons, or cylinders, but these systems are often large, cumbersome, and have design limitations. To address these challenges, I developed a groundbreaking technology that enables strength training in space and other restrictive environments. This innovation overcomes obstacles such as gravitational changes, climate restrictions, and spatial limitations, providing individuals with the means to engage in effective strength training without being confined to a specific place or environment.

Another area of focus was the misleading notion of anti-aging. While there is no magical pill to reverse the aging process, I recognized that optimizing the body based on existing scientific research could potentially delay the effects of aging and improve overall quality of life. Through an evidence-based approach, I analyzed fundamental factors that contribute to aging, such as food and nutrition, waste processing and elimination, sleep, recovery, genetics, and lifestyle, among others. By understanding the intricate interactions between these various factors, I’m able to develop personalized programs that leverage an individual’s unique biodata and markers to optimize the body. The goal is to redefine the concept of aging gracefully, enabling individuals to look, perform, and feel younger. Interestingly, the byproduct of optimizing the body in that capacity could result in significant weight-loss, which can happen very quickly when intended. So, we can get those 20lbs off for you very quickly! My approach really bridges the gap between age and vitality, helping people experience the vibrancy of their younger years even as they reach 50 and beyond; effectively making 50 the new 30!

As you’ve seen, both in my business endeavors and my passion for health and fitness, I am driven by a human-centric approach that seeks to add immense value and unlock peak performance. This powerful approach has allowed me to revolutionize how we combat aging; truly fostering sustainable human performance in the fields of health & fitness.

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