Taylor Hunnicutt Delivers Phenomenal Mashup Of “Let The Rain Come Down” & “Waymore’s Blues”


This is pure gold.

We have already noted how Alabama is making a case for producing some of the best country music in the game right now, and someone off that list that I have been jammin’ to non-stop is Taylor Hunnicutt.

This girl has got IT.

From the voice to the lyrics to the stage presence, she is rock and roll and country all in one. It’s got a little grunge to it and sucks you in and a twang that gives a nod to her southern roots.

While her original music is well worth the listen, I must admit that I am a sucker for a good cover and even more of a sucker for a mashup.

And she scratches that itch with her mashup of Brent Cobb/ The Steel Wood’s “Let The Rain Comedown” with Waylon Jenning’s “Waymore’s Blues.”

First off, can we acknowledge how amazing this artist combo is?

In February, she shared a studio session of the mashup, and it absolutely rocks.

“If you’ve seen us live this past year, you have more than likely seen us play this The Steel Woods, Brent Cobb, Waylon Jennings medley.

We decided to warm up in the studio with it, and ole Cody Lockhart was there to snag a video.”

The transition from “Let The Rain Come Down” into “Waymore’s Blues” is so smooth, and the lyrics of the two songs complement each other so well.

As she belts out the lyrics, the rasp in Hunnicutt’s vocals captivates listeners instantaneously, combined with the killer guitar riffs from her band.

The fact this is what they laid down as a ‘warm-up’ is unreal.

I give everything about this studio session a chef’s kiss. And if this doesn’t give you the kick in the ass to go check out more of Taylor Hunnicutt’s music, know that your severely missing out.

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