Peso Pluma and Grupo Frontera Make a Splash With Beachside, Norteño Collab ‘Tulum’


The two biggest acts in Música Mexicana come together to maximize their joint slay. On Friday, Peso Pluma released “Tulum,” the playful, norteño-pop single featuring the boys of Grupo Frontera, along with a colorful, beachside video.

Peso and Frontera’s Adelaido Solis sing to a past love interest who’s moved on to a new man that’s not her type. “Baby, it’s our moment: He bought you a Rolex but I gave you my time/He has mansions but in my apartment, I made you feel things that the wind can’t take away,” sings Solis.

The accordion-backed track — with a brief reference to Enrique Iglesias’ pop hit “Bailando” in one of Peso’s verses — is a lighter contrast to the corridos Pluma has released in the last few months and plays into Frontera’s poppier side. The Abel Baez-directed video sees the stars singing the lyrics at a tropical, backyard party.

“Tulum” will also join the 14 other tracks on Pluma’s LP Genesis for a surprise deluxe edition of the record. Also featured on the album are songs like “Lady Gaga” with Gabito Ballesteros, “Rubicon,” “Zapata,” and “Nueva Vida.”

Both Frontera and Pluma have been dominating the Hot 100 charts over the last several months. Frontera’s song with Bad Bunny, “Un x100to” reached No. 5, while tracks like “No Se Va,” “Que Vuelvas” with Carin Leon, and “Bebe Dame” with Fuerza Régida have spent 20 weeks on the chart.


The new single from Pluma arrives weeks before he’s set to go on his first-ever U.S. tour in early July. Peso Pluma recently spoke to Rolling Stone for the magazine’s Future of Music issue about his rapid rise and success.  

“My background has influenced my music so much — it’s where I get my mix of sounds,” he said. His voice, known for its distinct rasp, led to a few early projects that turned heads with controversial lyrics in the narco-corrido tradition. “My passion has always been music. I wanted to do something, but I didn’t know what. I just knew I wanted to dedicate myself to working in the industry.”

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