Kick Off 4th Of July Weekend With Alan Jackson’s “Long Way To Go”


And an absolute HITTER came on the shuffle today.

From Alan’s 2012 Thirty Miles West record, “Long Way To Go” was the lead single from the album, while it only peaked at number 24 on the charts, it’s quintessential Alan Jackson.

“I got a bug in my margarita
Seems bad luck won’t leave me alone
I’ve got a woman I’m tryin’ to drink away
And I’ve got a long, long way to go.”

Like I said… HITTER.

And with 4th of July Weekend upon us, it seemed pretty appropriate.

I mean, it’s only Saturday, we just popped the first top of the long weekend, and we got a long, long way to go.

Might as well have a margarita or two… or seven…

Take it away Alan.

Alan Jackson’s Daughter Mattie Unveils “Grape Snow Cone” Recipe

Last year, Alan Jackson unveiled his brand new signature Silverbelly Bourbon Whiskey.

The name stems from his legendary silverbelly hat, and features a partnership with Silver Screen Bottling Co. & DSP-KY-10, and each batch number is tied to one of Jackson’s number one songs, with the first batch paying homage to his 1990 hit, “Here In The Real World.”

The whiskey is 91 proof, AKA 45.5% alcohol by volume, and is priced around $40 a bottle.

Jackson’s daughter Mattie Jackson Selecman, who is a certified sommelier, says:

“Silverbelly tips its hat to the spirit at the heart of this country. Its smooth texture and medium-light body make it perfect to sip neat at the end of a long day or to raise in a toast of celebration, mixed in your favorite Old Fashioned or Manhattan cocktail.

With a subtle kiss of oak and traditional flavors of caramel, spiced apples, and toasty brown sugar, Silverbelly is as American as whiskey comes – a true taste of home.”

And now that the product has been out on the market for a for about a year, Jackson and his team is showing us the best ways to mix the whiskey.

And one of the first recipes?

The Grape Snow Cone recipe, inspired by one of AJ’s greatest hits, “Chattahoochee.”

In the video, Jackson’s daughter Mattie can be seen creating the mixed drink before our eyes, and the recipe states as follows:

12 oz. can frozen lemonade concrete

1.5 Silverbelly Whiskey

4 oz. lemonade

3/4 oz. dry red wine

Check it out:

And of course, now that we’ve mentioned it, we’ve gotta play the song:

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