Country music legend Shania Twain has been at it for quite some time, so she’s not going to let a small on-stage fall stop her from delivering her hits to her massive fanbase.

The 5-time-Grammy-winner is currently on her Queen of Me Tour, and stopped by Chicago last night to bring fans in the Windy City a classic Shania performance.

Her concert was taking place at the Credit Union 1 Amphitheater in Tinley Park, and as she was rocking out her hit song “Don’t Be Stupid,” an unplanned, non-choreographed stunt took place on stage.

As she walked across the stage in front of one her bandmates, the 57-year-old country singer slipped and fell right onto her butt. Fans across the amphitheater gasped as she hit the ground, but the screams of fear quickly turned to shouts of support as Twain kept the song going as she sat on stage.

Shania really didn’t miss a beat, laughing it off and even playing it off to the point where though it was obviously an accident, it almost looked like a planned spill.

Twain stayed put on the ground for just a second, raising her non-microphone hand and saying something to her fans that sounded like “we love you.” It is a little tough to tell with all the cheers of support pouring in from the crowd.

After handling the tumble like a professional, Shania continued to sing as she stood back up and carried on with the concert. There are no reports that say she was injured, and according to concertgoers, she wrapped up the performance without ever taking a break.

Shania, if you happen to be reading this, just know that everyone would’ve been okay with you taking a second to recuperate.

I applaud your dedication to your music and your fans, but I know personally that if I were performing (which would never happen) and fell down (which would probably happen), I would most definitely say “guys, I’m going to take a tight five and get a gatorade.”

Clearly I’m not an absolute class-act like Shania is, because she flawlessly kept the show going. Did she slip on her dress, or did the stage have some moisture on it, causing her to fall?

Who knows, but it doesn’t really matter because Twain said “Giddy Up!” and carried on like nothing happened. Legendary stuff.

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