ESPN Commentators Compare Joey Chestnut And Nick Wehry To Jason Isbell And Zach Bryan During Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest


Putting it in terms that country fans understand.

It’s been quite the rollercoaster of a day for the annual Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, a staple of the Fourth of July holiday (and quite honestly, one of the most American events you could ever hope for).

The annual men’s hot dog eating contest was postponed initially due to lightning and other severe weather in the area after the women’s competition managed to get theirs in just before they cleared the stages.

But then, the tragic news broke that the contest had been canceled altogether, because apparently in our country’s 247-year history we still haven’t figured out how to eat hot dogs indoors or something.

The event (and the whole holiday) were saved though, when champion and legend Joey Chestnut rallied the troops and brought the hot dog eating contest back to life before going out and demolishing his competition – and 62 hot dogs – on his way to an 8th straight title and 16th overall win in the contest.

Of course most of us don’t know a ton about competitive eating (although I’ve been to a Golden Corral before if that counts), so the ESPN commentators did their best to break down Chestnut’s dominance in terms that the rest of us might understand.

While discussing Chestnut and his competitor Nick Wehry, the announcers compared Chestnut to Jason Isbell, the seasoned veteran, while Wehry is Zach Bryan, the up-and-comer following in his footsteps.

And even Zach himself got a good laugh out of it.

Who knows, maybe Zach will get a Mustard Belt of his own someday too.

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