Sierra Ferrell Honors Dolly Parton With Cover Of “Coat Of Many Colors”


We love seeing some Dolly Parton covers on this week’s New Music Friday.

While I have been feining for new Sierra Ferrell music, I have also loved seeing Ferrell working on many collaborations and cover projects. Today Ferrell released a cover of Dolly Parton’s iconic song “Coat Of Many Colors,” which was recorded with Amazon Music for her Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction.

Parton released the song in 1971, and it was later adapted into a movie in 2015 that details her upbringing. Dolly Parton details in the song’s lyrics growing up in relative poverty in the Tennessee mountains.

Her coat of many colors was a patchwork coat made of scraps, but she would wear it proudly as she loved that her mother made it for her.

The song is wildly popular among Parton fans, and Sierra Ferrell breathes new life into the classic tune.

Ferrell has covered Dolly Parton songs in the past effortlessly while still putting her twist on them to incorporate her Appalachian roots.

However, Ferrell’s version of “Coat Of Many Colors” tops the others.

Her vocals lean heavily into Parton’s sound while the melody stays true to the song’s original recording.

With her gentle lyric delivery, Ferrell’s sound nearly mimics a young Parton while still keeping enough of her sound to identify herself behind the microphone.

Ferrell noted her admiration for Parton when the recording was only available through Amazon Music.

“I’ve admired pretty much everything about Dolly Parton since the first time I heard that one-of-a-kind voice.

From her work ethic to how she balances her personal and professional life to how she’s helped pave the way for women in music… she inspires on so many levels.

She came from nothing and is now an international icon. But it’s her heart, and it’s her love of people that I admire most.

She’s so generous and kind, and I’m honestly just honored to have a small role in her Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction.”

Dolly Parton has inspired countless musicians, and I love seeing young talent giving a nod to her through covers.

Dolly Parton and Sierra Ferrell are two mountain queens, so everything about this cover makes sense.

Here is the original, just for fun.

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