The Lake Law Firm Stands Up for Individuals Injured by Defective Hernia Mesh Implants by Madison Newman

The Lake Law Firm Stands Up for Individuals Injured by Defective Hernia Mesh Implants by Madison Newman


According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), hernia repairs are one of the most common surgical procedures performed in the United States. Hernia mesh, a medical device designed to support and reinforce weakened tissue, has been widely adopted to reduce the risk of hernia recurrence. However, despite its popularity, thousands of patients have allegedly experienced severe complications attributed to defective hernia mesh devices.

While there are a few ways to address hernias, surgeons typically opt for mesh devices, using hernia mesh in 9 out of 10 hernia surgeries annually in the U.S. Surgeons prefer using mesh during hernia repair procedures because it acts as a scaffold, allowing the patient’s tissue to grow into the device and create a strong and durable repair. Yet, defective hernia mesh devices have reportedly created severe health problems for patients, rather than remedying their injuries.

Some hernia mesh implants have caused significant suffering, inflicting more harm than good. Several companies have recalled tens of thousands of hernia mesh implants after patients experienced injuries such as mesh erosion, infection, chronic pain, adhesion formation, bowel obstruction, and even hernia recurrence. These injuries can cause significant discomfort, impair daily activities, and require additional surgeries to correct complications.

“The widespread complications caused by defective hernia mesh implants highlight a glaring failure on the part of manufacturers to prioritize public safety,” said The Lake Law Firm Partner Michael Blom, Esq. “A lot of pain and suffering could have been avoided had they exercised greater caution in ensuring the integrity of their hernia mesh products.”

The very devices meant to offer relief have allegedly worsened patients’ health, igniting a storm of hernia mesh lawsuits. Plaintiffs are seeking not only compensation for physical pain and health complications but also recognition of the emotional toll they have suffered, including the distress of having to undergo subsequent surgeries.

The Lake Law Firm is here for victims of faulty hernia mesh implants, offering support and guidance in filing claims. By pursuing legal action, plaintiffs hope to bring about awareness and, ultimately, closure for the hardships brought on by their hernia mesh implant. The firm’s objective is not only to obtain rightful compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and ongoing treatment costs for clients but also to spotlight the negligence of manufacturers and incite changes to prevent similar harm to others in the future.

As a personal injury attorney with over 25 years of experience, Edward J. Lake, Esq., established The Lake Law Firm to champion individuals injured by hazardous drugs, defective medical devices, and other faulty products. With a firm conviction that everyone deserves justice, the dedicated attorneys at The Lake Law Firm strive to uphold the rights of those wrongfully harmed. 

More information about how The Lake Law Firm is helping victims of defective hernia mesh implants is available at or by calling 631-510-8281.

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