NFL Thursday Night Football Heads To Commercial Playing Zach Bryan’s “Revival”


That’s a wrap, I’ve seen enough. Zach Bryan is as mainstream as mainstream gets and it’s awesome.

Obviously, Zach has been the cool kid of the country music scene since his first studio album American Heartbreak (some of us were sounding the alarms well before that) and his most recent self-titled album shot up the charts, having spent the past two weeks on top of the Billboard 200 All-Genre Chart.

His duet with Kacey Musgraves “I Remember Everything” topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart and is now officially a single at country radio, although it’s yet to be seen if it’s actually going to be played.

Well, we can add another accolade to his quickly growing shelf as one of the fan-favorites that got him to where he’s at was just used on the national stage during Thursday Night Football.

As the first half wound down, a timeout was called while the Eagles lead the Vikings 10-7 and as the cut scene rolled, the closer at every Zach Bryan concert started playing.

“Revival” has gained a cultlike following of its own, with crowds reaching a fever pitch when the first few chords are played to start the encore and it only gets wilder from there.

It was originally posted to YouTube in November of 2019 (when we first covered it) and was released on his second album Elizabeth in 2020, but it has grown into something so large it’s hard to explain if you’ve never seen Zach live.

It’s also become something of a tradition of late for celebrities to hop up on stage and sing it with him and the boys as they loop it for 15 minutes some nights, including Brock Lesner, Mason “Yodel Kid” Ramsey, and Megan Maroney, which, again, elevates the live performance to places words can’t comprehend.

I’ll shut up about it now, but seriously, get yourself to a Zach Bryan show if you can…

Zach was living in Philly for most of his time writing this most recent record and has taken on a deep love for the local sports teams, which has to be why they chose to play “Revival” but either way, it’s just so awesome to hear an artist like Zach during a national NFL broadcast.

Wouldn’t mind a whole lot more of this.

Here’s him playing it at his iconic Red Rocks show in the snow.

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