Charles Wesley Godwin On Selling Out The Ryman: “Thought It Would Be An Uphill Climb”


Charles Wesley Godwin is the IT man in country music right now.

Godwin has been riding a rollercoaster of highs these days.

He recently inked a contract with Warner Chappell Music, has been non-stop touring, and has released his Stage AE documentary and many other milestones. Off the heels of his stellar Family Ties album release, fans can’t get enough of the West Virginian’s sound and storytelling.

Fans get enough, so much so that he sold out two back-to-back nights at the Ryman.

“I was surprised… I was at the hotel gym in Boise, Idaho, and yeah, I kind of thought it would be an uphill climb to sell out one night.

I don’t really know how things are down here, what people think of me, and stuff like that. So yeah, I thought, “Yeah, I could sell one out.” And it sold out in fifteen minutes. 

I got a call from my dad, he was frantic about not being able to get tickets…”

Godwin says as he describes how he was trying to get his sweat on, and his dad’s phone call was his sign that it was going to sell out.

Because of the overwhelming demand for tickets from the first show, Charles Wesley Godwin was asked to return for a second night, which he gladly said yes to.

“I was very pleasantly surprised that it sold out, and then the second night, I think, went the next day, and it went in an hour or so, so yeah, it’s great.”

The family man speaks so humbly about the two sales, which resulted in what some artists can only dream about.

Just another reason to love Charles Wesley Godwin…

@whiskeyriff♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

And if you haven’t listened to Family Ties, you should because this is what we sound like telling everyone about how phenomenal it is- the album country music needed.

@whiskeyriff Album of the year contender. 🔥 // 🎥: @@Shannon##whiskeyriff##charleswesleygodwin##countrymusic ♬ original sound – Whiskey Riff

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