We might not all be able to relate to Dierks Bentley’s country music stardom, but a lot of parents will be able to empathize with this video he recently posted on his social media.

We’re heading into spooky season, and there probably isn’t anything scarier than teaching a young person how to drive. Bentley was certainly going through all of the emotions as he sat in the passenger seat and taught his oldest daughter Evie how to operate a vehicle.

Dierks has always been open letting fans into these personal, family moments that are often made hilarious by Bentley’s facial expressions. He even posted a video of him and his daughter taking a trip to the mall, where he quickly realized that what they were shopping for was a little bit above his pay grade.

However, teaching his kids how to drive is something that he felt comfortable doing…at least until he actually got into the car with his daughter. When she started double checking with her dad about which pedal was the gas and which was the brake, Dierks couldn’t help but facepalm and show his fear to the camera.

He even hilarious asked from the passenger seat:

“Where’s my brake?”

Following that, Bentley guided his daughter on how to shift the vehicle, particularly into the drive position so that she could start moving forward. The shift apparently wasn’t that “smooth” judging by the shriek that Dierks let out as the car started to drive.

As they started moving towards the street, Bentley had to give some obvious advice to his daughter on what you should do before turning and how to steer:

“Look both ways…you’ve got to turn the wheel to make it go the way you want it to go.”

Once the car started moving again, Evie started smiling and told her dad that driving “was so cool,” which Dierks hilarious repeated as he looked right into the camera absolutely terrified.

Take a look:

Dierks’ facial expressions are priceless.

All of his social media followers were loving the inside look at his regular dad life, and showed their support in the comments below the video:

“I started my kids on a power wheel and then a golf cart….gotta learn the basics but this is hysterical! Good luck dad!”

“Teaching your child to drive is the most unnatural, terrifying aspect of parenting. I have PTSD.”

“Empty mall parking lots are the way to go.”

“This brings a whole new meaning to ‘I Hold On.’”

“The two worst things about being a parent: potty training and teaching to drive!”


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