Lainey Wilson Shares Behind-The-Scenes Studio Footage To Celebrate Anniversary Of “Bell Bottom Country”


This weekend marked a year since Lainey Wilson released her sophomore album.

Bell Bottom Country blew up Wilson’s career, being the home of two of her number-one hits, “Heart Like A Truck” and “Watermelon Moonshine.” While Wilson was on her way to being a country music powerhouse, Bell Bottom Country was instrumental in pushing her over that edge.

To celebrate the album’s anniversary, Wilson released behind-the-scenes footage of what happened in the studio to make the album come to life.

Opening up with a clip from April 18th, 2022, Wilson is curling her hair, talking to her phone screen about how that day was the start of the album’s creation.

“Today is the day…we go into the studio to record my record, ‘Bell Bottom Country. My second record y’all, my second record. And if it does anything like the first one, it’s going to be pretty dang cool to see the amount of people who hear this thing. 

My one wish and prayer is that the people who need to hear it hear it. But it’s going to be good, it’s going to be life-changing…I’m manifesting it right now.

I hope this record changes my songwriter’s life, my co-writer’s life, my team’s life, my family’s life…and I hope it’s something that goes down in history. And it will…it will. Here we go, record two.” 

Clearly, what Wilson spoke into existence that morning in the bathroom while getting ready for the studio rang through the air and brought her everything she said.

The rest of the docu-style video highlights all the aspects of how this album came to life. From getting feedback on how to sing certain lines, the band cutting their parts, to listening to masters, it shows from start to finish.

The video even separates clips from each track’s curation, so fans know exactly the process for each song from the album.

Since the release of Bell Bottom Country, Lainey Wilson has become one of the biggest names in country music.

From humble beginnings of living in a camper when she first moved to Nashville to where she is now, Wilson is someone who worked her tail off for what she has, and it is reflected in her music.

This is just the start…

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