Suga Reveals the Album He Thought Was BTS’ Last: ‘I Cried So Much’


Not the End

“I thought we were done with,” Suga says in a chat with Jimin and Taemin

In Suga’s latest episode of Suchwita, his online interview show, the BTS member welcomed guests fellow bandmate Jimin and Shinee’s Taemin. During Episode 20, Suga revealed that he thought 2015’s The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1 would be the boy band’s last.

The revelation came about after he asked Taemin to share what he thinks is one of  Jimin’s most memorable performances. “For me, it’s ‘I Need U,’” said the SHINee singer. “For us, we had this quench. We really missed seeing artists be serious and ambitious about performing, but BTS were that group.”

The mention of The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1’s lead single “I Need U,” prompted Suga to recall that, at that time, he thought the LP would be their last. “I say this now, but I really thought that was going to be our last album,” he admitted. “I thought we were done with. I cried so much after the pre-recording of [South Korean music television show] M Countdown, I cried while performing: ‘So this is our last album.” Jimin, whose new documentary film Jimin’s Production Diary recently arrived, added: “I cried so much, too.” Taemin credited that process for the “that the BTS of today is here” because people could really feel it.


Suga began his mandatory service in the military as a social service agent last month. Following Jin and J-Hope, he is the third member to enlist for military service. All seven members of BTS will complete their mandatory service over the next couple of years, with the group’s break for military service expected to last through 2025. BTS reupped their contract with HYBE and BIGHIT in September. “With the renewal of their contracts, we are looking forward to supporting BTS’ group activities expected in 2025,” HYBE said in a statement at the time.

During Suchwita, Suga said he was eagerly waiting for BTS to reunite. “We’re waiting for the complete regroup gathering in 2025,” he added before Jimin chimed in, “We’re desperately waiting for that.”

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