While some people are already busy turning the calendar over to Christmas, others are still getting over Halloween.

To be more specific, there are some that still can’t believe how greedy some trick-or-treaters can be, which is exactly how Whiskey Myers’ guitarist Cody Tate is feeling right about now.

Tate, who is usually busy laying down some tasty licks and sick riffs on songs from the southern rock band Whiskey Myers, took some time on Halloween to call out some despicable people that abused the ethics of the “candy bucket on the front porch” trick-or-treat system.

If you’ve ever made the rounds on Halloween as a kid, or with your kids, you know that some people choose to leave a bucket of candy on their front porch, inviting trick-or-treaters to take one and move along. Tate even had a sign out asking those that visited his home to only grab one piece of candy.

But people have proved time and time again that we, as a society, can’t have nice things, and Tate posted a video from his doorbell camera showing a family, led by some grown women might I add, completely emptying out his candy bucket like a crazed pack of wild animals. Usually it’s greedy kids snagging too much candy, not their parents.

As Tate states in his caption, their actions ruined the trick-or-treating experience for everyone else that stopped by that night:

“And this is why you can’t trust people. If you know who it is, share. I figured it would happen, but not with adults. Now, all the kids after these people can’t have any candy.”

That’s just awful, and is not setting a good example for those children…

One of Tate’s neighbors apparently came over and helped out by restocking his candy bucket, but the Whiskey Myers musician still wants the people that stole all of the candy from his front porch to be held accountable.

Everyone in the comment section of his post agreed, and had no problem ripping into the people that stole the candy:

“Grown ass people literally taking candy from kids.”

“And those kids are going to grow up to be just like those adults, or worse. Sad.”

“Those women should be embarrassed I’m glad you put them on blast.”

“Grown ass women acting like they’ve never seen candy before. BIG YIKES. Also, how do you not assume everyone has cameras these days and you won’t be blasted for acting like this?”

“Some people have no class.”

Also, respect for the Tate family for going big with the full size candy bars… none of that “fun size” noise.

He also added the reason that they weren’t home to oversee the candy distribution… the Texas Rangers in the World Series. Can’t blame ’em for that.


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