Wynonna Judd Addresses Fan Concerns After CMA Awards Performance With Jelly Roll: “I Was So Freaking Nervous I Just Held On For Dear Life”


Wynonna Judd is stepping forward to talk about what really happened last night on stage during the opening performance of the CMA Awards.

During her performance, country music fans tuning into the awards show quickly took to social media to express their concerns for her, as she was gripping tight on to Jelly Roll’s coat, staring quite stone-faced, and it appeared like she was having trouble standing up.

The unanimous conversation online was: “Is Wynonna ok?”

Upon the conclusion of the awards program, Wynonna, while what appears to be on a plane en route to her Back To Wy Tour dates, which hit Oklahoma City and Austin over the weekend, took to TikTok (and cross-posted to Instagram) to update fans that, first and foremost, she is okay, and to explain what happened while on stage.

“Okay, so they say don’t read the comments… I’ve read the comments.” 

She starts off the video and flashes our own Whiskey Riff headline (is it too early to call Wynonna a loyal Whiskey Riffer?) posted right after the performance, sharing sentiments from fans across social media.

“And, uh, I’m just going to come clean with y’all. I was so FREAKING nervous.

I got out there, and I looked at Jelly Roll, I wanted it to be so good for him, and I could cry right now, but I’m not going to because I’m such a fan of his.

He asked me to sing, and I said absolutely, and I got out there. I was so nervous that I just held on for dear life. And that’s the bottom line.” 

She then goes on to say that she is on the way to her weekend stops for her tour and is looking forward to spending time with the fans that keep her motivated and going.

She finished the video on a more lighthearted note with some advice she heard backstage right before walking out to join Jelly Roll during “Need A Favor.”

“And on a lighter note, right before I went out on stage to sing the opening of the CMA, I heard a joke, and it went something like this…

#1: Don’t fall. #2: Don’t sh*t yourself. And #3, God forbid you should fall, don’t sh*t yourself.” 

Thankfully, all three were avoided last night.

She’s been in this business a long time, and has been very candid about her mental health following the loss of her mother, Naomi Judd, so we can take her at her word and chalk it up to a classic case of the nerves. Fans quickly filled her comments with sweet messages, glad to hear that Wynonna was okay.

This comment is my favorite out of them all because they are probably right:

“Girl, please! You could have fallen & shit yourself, and you STILL would have brought the fire. It’s just what you do.”

If you haven’t already, check out her performance with Jelly Roll.

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