“We Stay Pregnant” – Chris Stapleton’s Wife Morgane Says Of His Incredible Love Songs


With the release of his 5th career studio album, Higher, this week, Chris Stapleton has proved again why he is the cream of the crop in our modern day country music landscape.

Chris dedicated the album to his lovely bride and bandmate, Morgane Stapleton, and her response to it was all you need to know about their loving relationship.

“So many tears in my eyes I can’t see straight! I am moved and humbled, and I love you more than you could ever know.”

She also took to Twitter (now called X) to share more of her own admiration for her husband:

“My love, you are still a mystery to me in so many ways.

The depths I watch you work from would crush any other human, but you are always digging deeper and pulling from places that seem endlessly inspired.”

Chris is no stranger to a good love song, and hell, some of his greatest hits will get to tugging on the heartstrings. And this new record is no different.

Songs like “It Takes A Woman,” “Think I’m In Love With You,” “Fire,” “Loving You On My Mind,” Chris is bringing some heat on this new record.

So what does Morgane think of all these sultry love songs that Chris is singing alongside her every night? Long story short, she is LOVING it.

Back in the 2019, on the Grammy red carpet, Extra host Renee Bargh was fawning over Chris Stapleton’s music, particularly his love songs. And who could blame her? The man is a certified panty-dropping wordsmith.

So when she asked his wife Morgane about how amazing it is to have a man that could write those kind of “epic love songs,” Morgane quickly replied with a witty, and downright hysterical:

“Yeah, we stay pregnant… so it feels good.”

A surprised Chris laughed his ass off, Morgane laughed as well, I laughed, we all laughed… how do you not love these two? You married a funny one, Chris.

And of course, the Stapletons do have five children… so… she ain’t lying.

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